The big reset: A new ambition for development - PwC's 12th International Development Conference

Highlights from PwC’s International Development Conference November 2020


The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified challenges in development, but it has also ignited new ways of working, new ideas and new possibilities. The opportunity for a Big Reset is real and it is time to redefine the ambition for development.

PwC’s 12th International Development conference brought together over 400 people from across the globe to explore how we can work together to overcome challenges and deliver exceptional outcomes for people around the world.

The conference was held as a series of online events in November 2020. Watch our highlights video for each event or download a copy of the conference report below.

The big climate reset: securing a climate resilient future

This is a defining decade for climate change and for international development. Indeed, the two are inextricably linked and it is essential that international development supports the delivery of climate change goals.

The big climate reset brought together our keynote speaker, Sir Nicholas Kay, COP26 Regional Ambassador for Africa and a panel of experts from government, development finance institutions and climate organisations to explore the huge challenges ahead, the positive signs of hope, and how we will need to rethink climate in light of COVID-19.

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The big skills reset: education and skills for growth and prosperity

How can we make sure people are prepared for the rapidly changing work environment of tomorrow? What role can the private sector play? How do parents and communities fit in?

The big skills reset explored the connections between education, skills and employment including for the most marginalised children in the world, with a particular focus on girls and women. Our expert panel drew on their wide and varied experience to explore these topics and more – identifying the key issues and suggesting potential ways forward.

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The big trade reset: The role of UK trade and trade policy in development

Amid the disruptions of Brexit and COVID-19, how can the UK reset its trade partnerships with emerging economies across Africa and Asia?

With insights from government and from businesses working in Africa, The big trade reset looked at the importance of developing a more integrated aid and trade agenda.

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