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Engaging with leaders, managers and employees on AI adoption in the workplace, in a way that is: Agile | Data driven | Optimistic | Personalised | Trustworthy.

Significant investments in AI is a here-and-now reality.

8 out of 10 Fortune 1000 companies are increasing their AI investments; 77% of UK CEOs say they plan on investing in technology including AI this year.

However, only 26% have been able to deploy AI at scale. The majority identified culture (organisational alignment, business processes, change management, communication, people skills and resistance or lack of understanding to enable change) as the biggest impediment to widespread AI adoption.

Conversely, research shows that over 90% of companies with good AI scaling practices, spent half their budget on adoption.

Employee adoption of AI is complex

The everyday integration of AI is inevitable, but it presents a host of complex challenges. AI adoption is not merely a technological shift; it's deeply personal, often evoking concerns about job security, skill relevance, and career trajectories. The breakneck speed at which AI technologies advance can be overwhelming, leaving employees struggling to keep up with the constant changes. AI fundamentally alters the nature of work, transforming roles, responsibilities, and workflows in ways previously unimaginable. Addressing the complexity of AI's impact on your workforce requires a thoughtful and holistic approach.

We have identified four stages that any AI adoption journey must consider.

The ‘big bang’ approach to change is not applicable for AI as it keeps evolving unlike other technologies…

Even if the hierarchy of needs are met at a point in time, the impact and implications of existing technologies deteriorate over time. Traditional change management often adopts a big bang approach, which may not be appropriate for AI.

AI gets better as it learns so change management efforts and needs must be phased and scaled as AI evolves.  

Reimagining our People-centred change approach using Intelligent A.D.O.P.T.ion

Intelligent A.D.O.P.T.ion is an employee platform built on Microsoft Viva. It provides personalised change journeys reinforcing the knowledge, behaviours and mindsets employees need. Harnessing the power of Microsoft Viva means that Intelligent A.D.O.P.T.ion is:

The approach requires two key perspectives to drive employee adoption of AI:

We use Microsoft Viva to power our approach:

As you look to deploy AI solutions at scale within your organisation, you will need to overcome a range of cultural and business challenges; communications, change, people skills, resistance and alignment with organisational practices.

Intelligent A.D.O.P.T.ion blends PwC expertise on culture, mindsets and citizen-led change with the power of Microsoft Viva to:

  • Creates personas for personalised adoption journeys
  • Craft clear narratives, refine messaging and ensure employees understand and welcome AI-related change.
  • Drive the right behaviours across tailored change journeys.
  • Ensure the application of responsible AI through employee understanding and reinforcement
  • Develop AI literacy and monitor adoption of new technologies

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