The anxious optimist in the City

2018 UK investor survey: Comparison of UK investor and CEO views

We compared the views of UK investors* with the views of UK CEOs. We looked at their opinions on global growth, threats to business, trust and the challenges of globalisation and disruption.

*Investment professionals from around the world who invest in or follow UK-based companies.


Key findings



Investors following UK companies continue to show optimism in the global economy, at least over the next 12 months. However, they are less confident about the longer term, with their growth expectations for companies over the next three years declining from last year’s survey.


Investment professionals’ and CEOs’ concerns about the speed of technological change and cyber threats have increased from last year’s survey. But the two groups differ quite significantly in their views of whether over-regulation, availability of key skills, terrorism and an increasing tax burden will affect company growth prospects.



UK investors and CEOs differ in their perceptions on the declining trust between companies and governments, their workforce and their customers. Investors think that to build trust with the workforce a company needs to be transparent about pay and benefits. They think trust with customers can be achieved by investing more in cyber security and being transparent on the use and storage of customer data.


Investors and CEOs in the UK agree that the biggest challenge for companies is the increasing pressure to deliver business results under shorter timelines and to hold leaders accountable. But in other areas investors think companies face a greater degree of challenge than CEOs say they experience.


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