Cyber Threats 2020: Report on the Global Threat Landscape

Our new research, Cyber Threats 2020: Report on the Global Threat Landscape, highlights the most prolific cyber security trends we observed over the past 12 months and explores their wider impact.

It examines the growing threat from ransomware and the new vulnerabilities being exploited as a result of remote working. Our analysis will help you understand the tactics and techniques used by cyber threat actors, so you can assess how your organisation might be vulnerable and take action to reduce the risk of a cyber incident.

The report is based on our in-house intelligence datasets, intelligence gleaned from our incident response engagements around the world, and our managed cyber defence service, as well as publicly available information from the cyber security community. 

Download our Cyber Threats 2020 report for an in-depth look at:

Prominent cyber threat trends from 2020

The growth and evolution of ransomware attacks

Threat actors’ tactics, techniques and procedures

How we can help

PwC is globally recognised by industry analysts as a leader in cyber security. We underpin our board-level security strategy and advisory consulting services with expertise gleaned from the front lines of cyber defence across services such as incident response, threat intelligence, red teaming and managed cyber defence.

We bring together a team of specialists with expertise in threat detection and monitoring, threat intelligence, security architecture and consulting, and regulatory and legal advice, to help you protect what matters most.

We specialise in providing the services required to help clients resist, detect and respond to advanced cyber attacks. This includes crisis events such as data breaches, ransomware attacks, economic espionage and targeted intrusions, including those commonly referred to as APTs. Our threat intelligence research underpins all our security services, and is used by public and private sector organisations around the world to protect networks, provide situational awareness, and inform strategy.

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