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Wearable technology in the workplace: are employees ready?

The adoption of wearables by consumers has been huge; we are now able to control and monitor our entire lives through wearable devices. The frontier for wearables is the world of work. They have the potential to unlock a new world of opportunity for both employers and employees, offering key information to understand and manage the workforce and increase employee engagement. Getting the value proposition for this right is key for organisations and technology vendors and there are a number of important challenges to overcome.

For the past two years, we have carried out research with over 2000 working adults in the UK to find out how willing employees would be to use a wearable device provided by their employer, and how the data gathered could be used to benefit both the employer and their employees. Despite of the explosion of the use of wearables, and the fact that working people are keen for their employers to play an active role in health and wellbeing, the uptake has remained stubbornly consistent - people are still reluctant to take a device from their employer and share their data. A lack of trust was cited as the number 1 reason for this.

For organisations and vendors, success will depend upon their ability to effectively create and communicate a value proposition that overcomes employee resistance and delivers real benefits, overcoming the trust gap. Find out what employees are really looking for in our infographic below.

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