A New UK Narrative

Exploring the UK’s place in the world

We want to hear your thoughts on how the UK can drive economic growth in all regions through trade and investment. #NewUKNarrative

We want to start a conversation, with UK business, government and society from across the regions, that explores the UK’s new role.

There is an obvious appetite, both at home and abroad, for the UK to draw on its strengths and look towards the future outside the EU. We have a unique opportunity to analyse our strengths and the opportunities in trade and investment that will build trust and help reposition ourselves. 

We want to work together on a vision for all regions that drives economic growth, increases productivity and creates jobs. We need an action plan that focuses not just on the near future, but builds a sustainable direction of travel over the next 10 years.

Our Key Questions

How important is international trade and investment in driving economic growth and creating high quality jobs across the UK?

How can trade and investment best drive economic growth and create high quality jobs across the UK?

What are the UK’s greatest strengths in international trade and attracting overseas investment?

In what areas does the UK need to focus its efforts to be a more attractive partner for international trade and investment?

What priority actions need to be taken now by UK business to increase international trade and investment?

What priority actions need to be taken now by the UK Government to increase international trade and investment?

“You can’t replicate natural advantages like our timezone and location. Developing infrastructure and skills will enhance the UK’s position, and ensure we attract more inbound business and investment. Maintaining an open economy and our deep connections with trading nations in the future will be crucial.”

Kevin EllisPwC Chairman, at World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, Davos, January 2020

Our Approach


Are we asking the right questions? We will consult senior government, UK and international businesses (large and small) to engage them in developing the new UK narrative.


Series of regional consultations with public and private sector and online engagement to answer the big questions. We will also seek public approval for their vision.

Sharing the findings

What are the implications and actions for business and government?


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