A New UK Narrative

Exploring the UK’s place in the world

We want to hear your thoughts on how the UK can drive economic growth in all regions through trade and investment.

We want to start a conversation, with UK business, government and society from across the regions, that explores the UK’s new role.

The world risks turning inwards, raising barriers to trade and reshoring supply chains, at the very time it needs to kick-start trade and investment. The profound challenges of our time posed by climate change, technological disruption, ageing populations, uneven economic growth, rising geopolitical tensions and a collapse in trust of international institutions risk being compounded and, in some cases, accelerated.

We believe that the UK can emerge stronger from COVID-19 if it takes swift action, is ambitious about reimagining a better future, plays to its strengths, builds on its values and works in partnership with others.

We want to work together on a vision for all regions that lays the foundations for future economic growth, increases productivity and creates jobs. We need an action plan that focuses not just on the near future, but builds a sustainable direction of travel over the next few years.

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Key Questions

How can the UK's international role best support fair, inclusive and sustainable growth across the nation?

How does trade support sustained economic growth and what are the distributional impacts?

How are businesses responding to COVID-19 and global mega-trends in their international strategies?

“The UK has a once in a lifetime opportunity to recast its role in the world. That role – with trade, investment and development aid at its core – is instrumental to a collective recovery and supporting fair, inclusive and sustainable growth across the UK. The actions taken now will lay the foundations for the future.”

Sir Charles Bowman'Where next for UK trade, investment and aid', May 2020

Our Approach


Are we asking the right questions? We will consult senior government, UK and international businesses (large and small) to engage them in developing the new UK narrative.


Series of regional consultations with public and private sector and online engagement to answer the big questions. We will also seek public approval for their vision.

Sharing the findings

What are the implications and actions for business and government?


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