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Operational restructuring

Operational restructuring

As a company Director, Shareholder or other Stakeholder you are likely to be facing the following issues:

1. Need to develop and implement a plan to maintain stakeholder support

  • Need earlier plan transparency and more reliable insight to support key decisions
  • Lack of challenge or robustness in the budgeting/forecast/turnaround plan process
  • Plan is not based on business drivers and “what if” scenarios are not considered
  • Forecast facilities or covenant breach of loan agreement

2. Business requires robust management and monitoring of change programmes

  • Lack of clarity, challenge or robustness over change projects and the financial benefits they will deliver
  • Lack of management capacity to drive, monitor and deliver change at the same time as running the day to day business

3. Urgently need visibility and control over cash

  • No accurate and robust view of short and medium term cash needs
  • Insufficient planning and visibility to determine future cash requirements, debt refinancing position and results of liquidity initiatives
  • Insufficient control over cash with uncoordinated payments across the business and too many staff able to commit the business to future expenditure

4. Business needs to realise cash from current operations

  • Long cash conversion cycle with significant cash locked up in Working Capital
  • Suppliers or customers applying further squeezes to the working capital position
  • Lack of efficiency in the Order to Cash, Forecast to Fulfil and Procure to Pay processes

5. Business need to rapidly identify and implement sustainable profit improvements:

  • Unexpected collapse of profitability or unstainable running cost
  • Business is trying to drive rapid cost reduction
  • Lack of visibility and control over costs

6. Need for experienced people who can take a hands on role to manage stakeholders and/or drive change

  • Growing levels of involvement from external, often financial stakeholders, with increasingly demanding requests for information on improvement plans
  • Some form of crisis event which requires managing and stabilising

If you're facing these issues, we can help you

Our Operational Restructuring team works with organisations that are facing significant financial pressure or need to drive rapid change; delivering improvements in cash, working capital and profitability. We work alongside management to develop and implement plans which are realistic and pragmatic.

We combine our hands on, pragmatic restructuring skills with functional expertise, in areas such as business planning, cost reduction, cash generation, and change management, along with practical industry experience.

We work with management teams that are time constrained, and may not have the restructuring skills readily available within their organisations. We can help to develop a robust plan and give management the confidence to make tough decisions and drive through change in a relatively short timeframe.

We are working with companies to:

  • review or prepare turnaround and change plans
  • review underlying assumptions of budgets and financial baselines
  • improve cash forecasting, manage and monitor liquidity
  • identify "quick wins" in working capital improvement or other cash generation actions
  • develop and implement pragmatic and realistic cost saving plans
  • create a high impact programme management office to support the delivery of turnaround/change plans
  • provide a rich mix of restructuring, deep functional and industry expertise that can be brought together to develop your initiatives
  • access to interim managers with relevant experience of similar situations
  • support with external stakeholder negotiations

Restructuring in a stressed situation will require skills which are not readily available within most organisations. Our team has significant experience in this area and access to industry specialists to allow us to tailor solutions to the individual circumstances and needs of our clients.

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Whatever your business challenges or industry sector, we’re available to help you find your best way forward. We can explore your options with speed, imagination and care to find sustainable solutions for you and your stakeholders.

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