Data Analytics

Data should help you run your business better. That’s why we take a business-led approach to data analytics, to help you create sustained business insight and value.

Business-Led Data Analytics

Data allows you to make informed decisions, tackle complex challenges and drive business value - but data doesn’t always equal insight, intelligence, or confidence.

Poor quality data impacts up to 12% of an organisation’s revenue and four out of five organisations lack the right data to drive business insight.

Generating insight from data analytics requires the right processes and technology. PwC is uniquely positioned to:

  • Understand your data;
  • Assess its validity;
  • Understand how it should be presented; and
  • Help you exploit the opportunities your data presents.

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Rapid Business Intelligence

To drive your business forward you need fast and accurate reporting, swift implementation of processes and answers to simple questions.

With the right approach, new data analytics technologies can resolve these critical issues rapidly, allowing you to:

  • Modernise:
    Putting highly visual and trusted insight in the hands of business users.
  • Innovate:
    With a flexible  Business Intelligence (BI) landscape that allows quick adaptation and evolution of your business.
  • Refocus:
    With an agile delivery approach to unlock sustainable value from your data.

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PwC's Mission Control

Complex projects regularly suffer from scheduling and cost overruns. These problems cause headaches for stakeholders and can also damage company reputations.

PwC’s Mission Control uses data analytics to break up a complex problem into the smallest steps, building trust in delivery and the promised outcomes.

Mission Control can integrate data from all your existing sources into a single, trusted source of programme information – providing clear visibility of your project performance throughout the entire delivery lifecycle.

This approach means you can view your project from every angle, allowing everyone involved to understand how to deliver to time and to budget.

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Procurement Hub

Our Procurement Hub has been developed as a data analytics app offering the capability to understand and optimise total spend.

By providing a ready-made data analytics capability to understand third party spend we can help:

  • Reduce spend;
  • Identify risk in the Supply Chain
  • Find fraud

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Data Labs

Where to start in discovering the power of ‘Big Data’? The options are endless and the technology investment can easily run out of control.

If you want to take your data analytics to the next level but don’t know where to start, our Data Labs provide the perfect environment to run tests, discover patterns, and visualise the insight. We provide the technology platform and rare skills to get you moving.

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Information Strategy

Information Strategy brings together everything we do in data analytics.

We work with you to develop a two to three year roadmap of your data, creating a logical, appropriate journey matching business insight with a sustainable, flexible technology base.

With a robust information strategy in place you can create trust in your data and be ready for the many new data sources and many new opportunities to optimise your business with data.

Our Trusted Data approach is integrated, taking the needs of the whole business into account, instilling the business culture necessary to drive positive data management practice with sustainable results.

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