Emerging Technologies

The power of emerging technologies to reimagine business for the digital age

Technology has the power to disrupt, shifting a market almost overnight. Businesses that thrive are those that plan ahead for emerging technologies, adopting the very best digital solutions at the right time.

The PwC Emerging Technologies team provides specialist advice, leadership, and insight. We make technology innovation real for our clients, partnering to ensure excellent delivery.

We help you discover:

  • What these emerging technologies will be
  • How you can make the most of them
  • What impact they will have on your legacy technology
  • How you remain agile and effective

Some emerging technologies we work with include…

Augmented and Virtual Reality – Future wearable technology will couple an immersive experience with practical applications, changing both the way your customers interact with your business as well as how your staff work.

Artificial Intelligence and Software Robotics – Automate business operations and repetitive processes through the use of robotic software. This solution challenges an organisation's traditional approach to executing tasks and provides a scalable and cost-effective approach to realising operational benefits. Read our Transforming enterprises through Software Robotics infographic.

Internet of Things (IoT) – As more technology is networked we are creating an internet of everything, from watches to dishwashers. The impact of this digital integration will be incredibly far-reaching, changing everything from the way we work to how we shop.

3D Printing – 3D Printing techniques use special liquid polymers that then harden. Being able to download and print out real three-dimensional products is set to be the next disruptive digital technology.

Health Technology – Whether for personal health or to manage disease epidemics, technology and health go hand in hand. We help healthcare business make the most of these emerging technologies to improve patient care.

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Bringing emerging technologies into a business context

Technology impacts on everything that businesses do; a small shift in technology can have massively disruptive consequences.

We look at emerging technologies expected to arrive in the near future and uncover how it is likely to impact both society as a whole and your business.

We don’t discount emerging technologies just because they aren’t obviously applicable to business. With some development a new technology could become a useful business or it may change the way society operates, effecting how people engage with your business.

Transforming business for the digital age

Alongside emerging technologies lie innovative new models that help transform business. Whether you’re solving new business challenges, creating unique experiences for your customers, or simply accelerating business growth, emerging technologies have the power to reimagine the way you do business.

Emerging consumer technologies can allow for more engaging and seamless engagement between businesses and customers;

Digitisation helps employees become more productive, develops supplier interactions, and increases customer satisfaction;

The maturation of these emerging technologies is essential to build trust in these new services and working models.

Making emerging technologies real

We consider it our mission to make emerging technologies feel real to our clients.

One way we achieve this is through technical showcases to demonstrate what is possible in a life setting. Building prototypes is another great way we demonstrate the real, practical applications of an emerging technologies. In addition, we have developed a number of tools to help you easily assess the effectiveness of emerging technologies as well as a fitness test to apply to your existing digital solutions.

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