Forensic services insights

Dispute perspectives: Materiality in breach of warranty claims

16 Aug 2017

PwC's John Fisher and John Davis explore various areas that need to be considered when looking at materiality in abreach of warranty claims.

Dispute perspectives: Valuing damages in Africa

31 May 2017

Africa is often seen as an attractive investment destination due to its strong potential for growth and superior returns. PwC's Matt Fritzsche and Jan Groenewald explore some of the challenges of valuing companies and other assets in Africa and how they can be addressed.

The shifting landscape of commercial disputes

08 Mar 2017

PwC’s John Fisher discusses how expert meetings and joint statements are just two strategies that could be used more effectively to address the challenges of the UK’s changing litigation landscape.

Financial Crime Guide Tool and Global Financial Crime Resource Map

25 Jan 2017

Our interactive, user friendly platform providing key financial crime information and contact details for PwC professionals globally.

Dispute perspectives: Assessing damages for breach of contract

24 Jan 2017

Have you ever wished that you were more literate – or rather numerate - in damages in arbitration? PwC’s Tim Allen and Ermelinda Beqiraj look at some of the challenges that damages experts, lawyers and tribunals need to deal with when valuing damages in breach of contract claims that do not involve company valuations.

What are the impacts of the EU 4th Anti-Money Laundering Directive on UK Gambling Operators?

16 Jan 2017

Ahead of the implementation of the 4th Anti Money Laundering Directive by June 2017 gambling operators in the UK are facing significant changes and need to remain on top of these in order to comply with licencing conditions and regulations.

The Cartography of Compliance: a report on the effectiveness of compliance spend in financial services

16 Jan 2017

With compliance spend increasing but money laundering within financial services continuing to rise this report, by RUSI and PwC, considers whether banks are spending money on structures and processes that are not achieving their aims.

Which? Super-Complaint on Transfer Frauds. Should banks be concerned?

13 Dec 2016

The FCA is due to respond to the Which? super-complaint imminently, what impact will this have on banks and the banking sector?

REP CRIM: new annual financial crime return

02 Dec 2016

In July 2016, the FCA published the rules and guidance for introduction of an annual financial crime return (REP-CRIM). The new regulation will be in force from December 31, 2016.

The Fraud Risk Assessment: a key piece in the fraud risk management puzzle

04 Nov 2016

Undertaking a fraud risk assessment may not immediately stand out as an high priority item for many FS firms, however it is a key piece of the fraud risk management puzzle, without which the picture cannot be complete.

Is the Frankenstein approach to managing financial crime risk sustainable?

31 Oct 2016

New regulation will continue to demands accountability for financial crime risk, indicating the piecemeal approach days are numbered. It is the firms that recognise the need for the holistic approach to their financial crime operating models that will stay ahead of the game and the regulators.

Effectively Managing Financial Crime Risk Within the Senior Managers’ and Certification Regime: Five key challenges

13 Oct 2016

Sian Herbert, Partner at PwC, considers the five key challenges firms face in relation to effectively managing financial crime risk within the SM&CR

Sanctions and the Insurance Market - Putting in place an effective compliance programme

05 Oct 2016

London is a global insurance hub where it is essential for firms to have a presence. For any global company ensuring they manage the risks facing their business is a constant challenge. This is particularly true for sanctions due to an increase in enforcement, regulation and complexity of regimes. It is critical that insurance service providers have an effective sanctions compliance programme to manage these numerous challenges.

Tribunals' conflicts on interest

29 Sep 2016

International Arbitration is a well-established forum for dispute resolution, and the principles that underlie the calculation of damages are well known and consistently applied by tribunals. Interest, however, appears to be the “final frontier” of quantum, where there appears to be more variety in approaches and some diametrically opposed opinions on methodology.

Can Ultimate Beneficial Ownership Registers help prevent financial crime?

10 Aug 2016

PwC examine the requirements for the Ultimate Business Owners registers, and share some local perspectives from across EMEA on the challenges and opportunities of this new EU legislation.

Financial crime risks and trade finance

01 Aug 2016

Trade finance is a specialised area within finance like few others. As such, compliance of trade finance requires a detailed understanding of the process and its intricacies. Working with our alliance partners Pole Star, a leading maritime fleet monitoring and risk management solution provider, we have been assessing the risks that trade finance presents to banks and also how our subject matter expertise can assist those involved in trade finance to better manage their risk.