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GOMA - a transformational journey

Our approach

In this fast changing world we're helping clients maximise value and reduce risk by transforming their businesses to achieve operational, financial and legal alignment. Our end to end approach helps clients optimise and protect profitability, increase efficiency and create a solid foundation for sustainable growth.

GOMA aligns your business structure with your core value drivers, supports its ongoing development and will achieve competitive advantage, including:

  • a rationalised and efficient operating model
  • an aligned fiscal structure that provides a sustainable tax profile
  • greater flexibility to accommodate future growth and business change
  • the ability to better manage the business on a global or regional basis

We can help you define what, where, how and who is driving value in your organisation and tailor a global and/or regional structure to position you to respond to future geopolitical, commercial and operational challenges or changes.

By focusing on your operating model, we can create a streamlined cost and robust tax structure that increases shareholder value and cash flows, and a legal framework that ensures compliance with domestic and international regulatory requirements.

Ask yourself

How best to align your operating model to create value for your business both above and below the line.

Do you operate in multiple territories?

Maybe you are expanding, or rationalising your footprint or considering your regionalisation strategy

Are you impacted by external events?

You may be at risk from political change, facing new competitors or regulatory change undermining value

Is there a change in your business model?

Maybe you have new leadership, or a new organisational design

Or you're considering the location of certain valuable activities or deploying innovative new technologies

Are you driving a new business strategy?

Are you digitalising or diversifying your business or undertaking M&A, acquisition, divestment or spin-off, which impact on the delivery of your value add functions

Do you seek to maximise your most valuable activities?

Is it clear where and how value is created in your business and who it is that creates the value in your business, as opposed to those who undertake routine activities?

And are the 'who' now becoming drones, robots and AI? Are new, non traditional value creators emerging?

Are your value drivers at risk?

Maybe from inefficiencies in your operational process, supply chain weakness or over dependency

Or from intra company arrangements or ineffective decision making processes

If your business is facing these multifaceted issues our approach will help you to develop and implement an effective process that considers and brings all these together to help you achieve smoother operations, greater profitability and more sustainable growth. Here are a few examples of client challenges to bring this to life.

Client challenges

Optimising a global manufacturer’s margins and preparing for Brexit

A global manufacturing group was looking to enhance its distribution model and make a substantial capital investment in its UK footprint. Following the UK’s vote to leave the EU, the group questioned if this UK centric strategy was fit for purpose beyond Brexit.  

Our approach

We tested their proposed distribution model against well informed Brexit scenarios using our analytics to assess the optimum trade flows and distribution networks, system, evaluated any system change and workforce relocation requirements and the effects on the group’s operating model.

Following our holistic assessment the group favoured an alternative distribution model to overcome potential barriers of Brexit and designed the implementation plan for its new supply and operating model.

Value add outcome

By aligning the group’s operating model with the new Brexit landscape we helped the group to protect its operating margins and competitive edge.

Capturing new value drivers of a digitalised supply chain

A global manufacturing group aimed to digitalise its supply chain to minimise the gap between demand and supply, enhance the customer experience to stay relevant and ahead in the market and to generate additional digital revenues.

Our approach

We helped the client to design its digital strategy aimed to integrate the group’s value chain connecting suppliers, manufacturing, logistics, warehousing and customers. We piloted smaller scale projects, using amongst others SCOOP, to prove value and to optimise alignment of the digital supply chain with today’s fiscal and legal landscape. Subsequently, we supported the client with the global roll-out to ensure a successful implementation.

Value add outcome

The transformation created a digital culture and skills allowing the group to optimise and protect the operational benefits of its new value-creating differentiators in a changing tax and legal landscape.

Realising synergies of a post deal integrated business model

Following the acquisition of two businesses a globally operating services group needed to integrate the operations under its new management to reflect the combined operations. Critical considerations included that any new operating model would support the execution of the strategy to lead the (digital) transformation of the industry with a centralised model in close proximity to the European operations of the group.

Our approach

We supported the client to design the organisational model that reflected the group’s evolution including advice on the transition and relocation arrangements, employment arrangements plus personal tax impacts for the executive team, alignment of the governance structure and financing arrangements and supporting advance disclosure and engagement with the relevant tax administrations.  

Value add outcome

The centre led model allows the client more flexibility to operate and execute its digital transformation whilst adhering to evolving tax regulations at the group and its executive level.

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