Transaction services publications

European bank restructuring conference 2016

A banking and investment conference discussing the deleveraging of non-core assets.

2017 outlook for M&A in insurance, reinsurance and global risk

2015/2016 has been one of the most exciting periods in the insurance, reinsurance and global risk sectors’ history for M&A. This report looks ahead to the 2017 outlook. 

The P&C/reinsurance M&A market - Challenges of a soft environment

Report on record M&A volumes in global property and casualty reinsurance market.

Uncertainty in the annuity market driving M&A

The annuity market is changing following the annuity reforms in the UK driven by the recent budget announcements.

Renaissance of the Italian non-performing loan (NPL) market?

A review of the Italian non-performing loan market and the Italian banking system.

Market survey 2015 – Bank restructuring and deleveraging driving a rise in loan portfolio deals

Investment banks, hedge funds and private equity firms tell us where they plan to invest next.

Getting the right advice when buying or selling loan portfolios

Download your guide to how we can help you buy or sell non-core or distressed loan portfolios.

Sales of European loan portfolios hit €91bn for 2014 – Full year report

European non-performing loan transactions market review for 2014 and predictions for 2015

Increased expectations for the Italian non-performing loan (NPL) market

A review of the Italian non-performing loan market and the Italian banking system.

Guide to executing a successful IPO

Key considerations and tips on how to drive value and minimise risk throughout an IPO.

Facilities management: a quiet revolution

A paper capturing the evolving trends in the Facilities Management market and examining the role of mergers and acquisitions in adoption of different strategies.

Consumer Goods: the state of play in M&A

Our Consumer Goods report looks at some key themes in 2013 and what deals like the $27bn purchase of Heinz mean for the market in 2014.

What now for banks? The European Central Bank’s Comprehensive Assessment results

A review of the ECB’s Comprehensive Assessment results and implications for bank valuations

Ten top tips for private equity valuations

The last two years have been challenging for valuations due to the lack of transactions, volatility and uncertainty in the market. This has placed valuations high on the agenda of investors and regulators.