Trust and Transformation

To transform successfully organisations must combine brilliant ideas and human understanding with powerful technologies.

In this episode, we explore how organisations find the right combinations to design and deliver transformations people can believe in. Watch now.

In this episode, we explore what it takes to deliver successful change that people can believe in.

Our speakers

Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE

CEO of Stemettes, Computer Scientist

Antony Cook

Consulting Partner and Purpose Leader, PwC UK

Rachel Gilley

Chief Client Officer, Clarity

Every organisation is under pressure to transform, as they look to meet the changing demands of customers, employees, the economy and society. But many are unsure how to deliver change all stakeholders can trust.

To be effective, transformation is likely to be uncomfortable and may feel scary. That was the message from business leaders, experts and academics as they discussed these challenges, and more, in our ‘Human-led, Tech-powered’ series.

“Transformation is doing something beyond the ordinary, taking a shared endeavour of people and functions to do something differently, to reduce cost or find growth.”

Antony Cook,
Consulting Partner and Purpose Leader, PwC UK

Without the right tools, transformation is unlikely to succeed. And those same rules apply to people.

“You want your people to trust that you’re making the right decisions for the long-term benefit of both the business and your clients.”

Rachel Gilley,
Chief Client Officer, Clarity 

Genuine transformation must bring together different technologies, skills, platforms and insights to deliver real change. It also requires effective leadership and the right people, with the right ambition and an openness to learning and listening, to create the right culture - one which drives the energy and success of that transformation.

“The thing I’m most excited about is our capacity to solve more problems than we’re creating. For me, that’s what good transformation looks like.”

Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE,
CEO of Stemettes, Computer Scientist


Whatever disruption your organisation faces, we’re here to help. Whether you need to refine or reinvent what you do, we’ll work with you to unlock the opportunities transformation presents and deliver change that will make a difference to your organisation, communities and society.

Together, we can see beyond change.

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