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Sponsoring our people

Our simple aim is to ensure all of our people have equal access to career sponsorship and support for their development and progression. In recognition of our need to proactively drive equality of opportunity, we launched a Consulting Sponsorship programme.

Setting the scene

We are committed to building a strong and diverse pipeline of future leaders. To achieve this, creating a truly inclusive work culture for all and acknowledging the power of targeted action has continued to be a focus for the firm over the last year.  

Our ethnic minority leaders have pointed to sponsorship as being of key importance, especially early in a person's career, and acknowledged that, for some, developing a sponsor relationship is less likely to happen naturally. In recognition of this we launched the Consulting Sponsorship programme last winter.

How we helped

The programme was initially rolled out to over 150 of our ethnic minority Consulting staff, mainly at senior associate and manager grades. A further extension is planned for later in 2021. 

Participants have regular check-ins with their sponsors and these relationships create a dedicated forum for sponsees to learn from those in leadership roles, in a way they may not otherwise in their day-to-day roles. 

Our sponsors play an active role in supporting their sponsees’ development and access to career enhancing opportunities, creating an increased focus on their personal progression. 

For instance, sponsors can help them focus on specific individual development goals, supported by access to project opportunities that match personal skills and development needs, ultimately aligning to future ambitions.

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“In Consulting we are committed to building an inclusive culture with a strong diverse pipeline of future leaders. Our Sponsorship programme is one of the critical ways we are investing in our people, both now and for the longer term benefit of them as individuals and collectively for the business.’’

Roberta Carter, Head of People, PwC Consulting

Making a difference 

Sponsorship is just one example of how we are supporting our people’s progression, maximising their potential at PwC.

Our sponsees have shared the impact of their involvement in the programme; such as how sponsors have helped increase their networks, built confidence, raised their profile, opened up opportunities and have been a trusted sounding board. We have also made sure those involved can openly and honestly give us feedback so we can continually improve and enhance the programme. 

There are a variety of programmes to promote sponsorship and also mentoring right across the firm. This will allow others from ethnic minority backgrounds to benefit from this type of support and continue to foster a culture of learning with our leadership teams too.

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