Annual Law Firms’ Survey 2018

Resilience through change

Welcome to our 2018 Annual Law Firms' survey. Here you'll find section by section key themes and findings. Join the conversation on twitter: #PwCLawSurvey


Last year our survey highlighted the pace of change in the legal sector. This year we see an acceleration of that change against the backdrop of a strong year for the sector as a whole. Overall, firms have responded quickly and are showing considerable resilience through change.

Watch our overview video as David Snell, head of our Law Firms' Advisory Group, considers the results and looks at what law firms should do stay ahead during current levels of political and economic uncertainty. You can also explore historic data using the interactive tool and download the survey below.

Watch: Trends and performance of the legal sector

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Explore the data

Using the tool below, you can explore the results of all of our Law Firms' surveys from 2009 to 2018. From key KPIs for law firms including 'fees per fee earner' and 'profit margins', to yearly changes in the size of Top 100 by fee income and male vs female full equity partners. You can analyse and compare the performance of the top 100 firms in the legal sector over the last 10 years.

Access the explorer below and download the full report to get a more detailed analysis of the 2018 results:

Explore by selecting a date and range
      Fees per fee earner (£'000)
      PEP (£'000)
      Profit margins (%)
      Chargeable hours 1-5 years pqe (hours)
      Size of Top 100 by fee income
      Top 10
      Top 11-25
      Top 26-50
      Top 51-100
      Summary P&L
      Male vs Female full equity partners (%)
      % spend on Business Support
      Secretarial support
      Training & HR
      Finance function
      IT revenue
      Marketing & BD
      Other support functions

      A look to the future

      What does the future hold for UK law firms? While firms remain optimistic in the short term about fee income and profit growth from 2018 to 2020, there are a number of challenges on the horizon. This year’s survey identifies four key areas that law firms need to consider to remain resilient through change.  

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