NHS Non-Executive Director Programme

PwC’s bespoke programme for NHS NEDs delivers high value and high impact events free of cost and tailored to support the demands placed upon NEDs in the health sector

Following the continued success of our programme specifically designed to meet the needs of Non-Executive Directors in the NHS, we are delighted to launch the next round of events. They will run from November until June next year. We are continuing to draw on the best minds within the healthcare sector as well as using the expertise we have developed from our work with key clients across the NHS. The forums give NEDs a unique opportunity to debate and discuss with their peers.

"Great programme, thank you for letting us access it."

Fiona McKenzie, NeXt Director Scheme

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David Clayton Smith, East Sussex Healthcare

NEDs have an increasingly significant role in ensuring they are properly exercising their responsibilities in relation to governance and risk. We aim to support NEDs through this and in all of these roles through our programme of events. We offer expert knowledge and real life experience from within and without the sector and, as before, this new programme will include a balance of macro and micro level topics for the whole Board, as well as a specific workshop for the Audit Committee.

Programme of events

They will run from November to June next year

The art of integration and creating integrated care systems – what Boards should know about the practicalities of integrating care

21 November 2018, 14:00-17:00

As the NHS increasingly moves towards integrated care systems there will be huge challenges for boards. In this session we will focus on the practicalities of transferring to greater integration and ask what role an individual board can have in delivering and governing system-wide working. For example, boards will need to ensure risks and benefits are shared across all partners, that financial controls are embedded across the system and they will need to give consideration to the the implications for their own roles and that of their executives in this new world.

We will be joined by Amanda Doyle, CEO Lancashire and South Cumbria Accelerated Integrated Care System and Sir Andrew Cash ,Chair Accelerated South Yorkshire Integrated Care System, who will describe their own experiences and share what has worked and gone well, as well as setting out the issues that have been challenging. We will also be joined by Jonathan House, PwC Partner leading the integrated care practice, who has been working across the country with emerging leadership groups and helping build their capability and capacity.

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Amanda Doyle - CEO, Lancashire and South Cumbria Accelerated Integrated Care System

Sir Andrew Cash - Chair, Accelerated South Yorkshire Integrated Care System

Jonathan House - Partner, PwC

Measurement and assurance – is it time to rewrite the asks of the NHS?

What boards should be using to assure themselves of service and financial performance.

13 December 2018, 11:00-14:00

The NHS has just received much needed additional resource to help it deliver care over the next five years. But questions remain around how to effectively target this money to ensure improved patient outcomes. In this session we review the priorities set within the NHS plan especially the focus on reducing elective and non elective waiting times - we will ask if is this the time to be thinking differently. As the NHS moves towards integrated care, should boards be redefining what measures would best capture their progress towards place based care and population health management? Do boards need additional metrics to ensure they have full oversight of their organisation? And how can the board balance their intrinsic desire to understand and improve their own performance in a world where extrinsic regulatory and inspection requirements often crowd these out?

We will be joined by Richard Douglas, a NED of both NHSI and NHSE, who has the experience of two decades in some of the most important financial roles in government. Alongside him will be Heather Ancient, PwC assurance partner, who has worked with boards across the country on setting and measuring performance targets and goals.

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Richard Douglas - NED, NHS Improvement and NHS England

Heather Ancient - Partner, PwC

Patient flow – pathways through and between our services – what boards can do to manage the flow of patients in their trusts and systems

15th January 2019, 14:00-17:00

Ensuring smooth patient flow through pathways and organisations is key to the effective and efficient use of  NHS and social care resources. Yet, so many trusts and systems face problems in managing flow effectively. In this session we will examine what boards should be doing to understand and improve the flow of patients. We will consider how unwarranted clinical variation and the inability to use data in a way that predicts demand and deploys our workforce accordingly are hampering flow. Critically, we will ask whether trusts and systems have the capacity and the culture to improve patient flow.

We will be joined by Barts Health NHS Trust CEO, Alwen Williams, who has overseen the implementation of Perform, a PwC developed patient flow system which has delivered significant results and Brian Pomering, PwC Partner.

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Alwen Williams - CEO, Barts Health NHS Trust

Brian Pomering - Partner, PwC

Integrated care – the next steps on the journey – how boards should be creating the new delivery systems

6 March 2019, 11:00-14:00

Integrated care is moving forward at pace and local organisations, whether they be in large conurbations such as Greater Manchester or smaller primary care localities, are beginning to explore what this means for their own public services. In this session we will discuss the evolution of NHS and local government relationships. We will also review the impact this has on the culture and approach that boards need to embrace and to shape if they are to get the added value and the productivity improvements that integrated care promises.

To discuss these issues we will be joined by Jon Rouse, CEO of the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, who sits at the cutting edge of integrated care development and, significantly, where it meets the devolution agenda. Also joining will be Wendy Saviour and Tracy Taylor from the Nottinghamshire Accelerated Integrated Care System , Ian Dalton, Chair of NHS Improvement and David Morris, PwC Public Sector Health Leader.

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Jon Rouse - CEO, Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership

Ian Dalton - CEO, NHS Improvement

Tracey Taylor - CEO, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Wendy Saviour - Lead Officer, Nottinghamshire Accelerated Integrated Care System

David Morris - Partner, PwC

Creating a just and fair culture – how can boards create the right climate and culture for patient safety and staff support

10 April 2019, 14:00-17:00

Over the last decade we have seen a hugely important shift towards greater patient safety and improved patient experience. Transparency and openness have become the watchwords for dealing with clinical errors meaning there needs to be a new relationship between patients and health professionals. This challenge to the way that organisations, management and clinicians have traditionally operated has not been welcomed throughout the service.  In some cases there has been strong resistance to change and continued obfuscation. We ask what boards should be doing to support staff, and ensure they continue to feel valued, whilst also creating a new culture that delivers this fundamental change in behaviours for the benefit of patients.

Additionally, given the rising costs of medical negligence and errors, we will consider what trusts should be doing to prevent harm and learn from mistakes  whilst also settling costs to patients swiftly and appropriately.

To discuss this will be Joe Rafferty, CEO of  Merseycare NHS Foundation Trust and one of the country’s leading proponents of a fair and just culture and Helen Vernon, CEO of NHS Resolution.

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Joe Rafferty - CEO, Merseycare NHS Foundation Trust

Helen Vernon - CEO, NHS Resolution

Mike Farrar - Chair, PwC Public Sector Health Board

Moving to a digital NHS

14 May 2019, 13:00-16:00

Technological advances alongside the advent of predictive analytics have the potential to revolutionise health and care services in the next three to five years, just as they have done every other sector. We will consider if the NHS ready for this revolution and how boards can harness this potential to help solve their funding as well as their service quality issues. There is a huge range of means by which NHS data can be intelligently analysed to predict and bend patterns of service utilisation and demand all of which would benefit patients and the system enormously. We want to equip boards to consider the best practice and policy to exploit this.

In this session Alan Milburn, former Secretary of State for Health, will set out the big picture and the need for this to be centre stage in NHS policy. Louise Shepherd, CEO at Alder Hey NHS Foundation Trust , will explain how they have harnessed the power of AI to improve services to patients and Alpesh Shah, PwC Partner, will talk about about the enormous potential that predictive analytics will have in the field of health and care.

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Alan Milburn - Chair, PwC UK Health Industries Oversight Board

Louise Shepherd - CEO, Alder Hey NHS Foundation Trust

Alpesh Shah - Partner, PwC

NHS boards in 2019 – what makes a good NED?

5th June 2019, 14:00-17:00

As the NHS moves into year four of the original Five Year Forward View and year one of the new NHS Ten Year Plan, we ask; what is the role of the NED in the NHS over the next period, and what does it take to be a good one?
 Is the concept of independent scrutiny and assurance realistic given the huge level of service activity and financial challenge that the service faces?
As we move towards systems rather than organisations, does the requirement for a certain range of traditional organisationally focused skills and behaviours of an NHS NED change with it?

To discuss this we will be joined by Ian Smith, who has years of experience in both the public and private health and care sector who will share his experience of trying to deliver a major turnaround. He will be joined by PwC’s Yvonne Mowlds who has worked with many NEDS and chairs throughout the years.

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Ian Smith - Former Interim Chair, Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Yvonne Mowlds - Partner, PwC

NHS Audit Committee Network

17th January 2019, 11:00-14:00

The Health Audit Committee Network is an extension of the NHS NED programme but with a greater focus on the role of this important committee. These events will help NEDs ensure they are up to date with the latest developments so they can shape the governance of their own organisations in the face of an ever changing health landscape.

The topics we will cover over the course of the year will include:

  • Contracting for new models of care - what assurance will commissioners and providers need?
  • Managing technology risk - what does IT investment, data analytics, AI and robotics mean for audit Committees?
  • Are you ready for reporting changes - what do the new accounting standards mean for your organisation?

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Anna Blackman - Partner, PwC

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