NHS Non-Executive Director Programme

PwC’s bespoke programme for NHS NEDs delivers high value and high impact events free of cost and tailored to support the demands placed upon NEDs in the health sector

Following the continued success of our programme specifically designed to meet the needs of Non-Executive Directors in the NHS, we are delighted to launch the next round of events. They will run from September until April next year. We are continuing to draw on the best minds within the healthcare sector as well as using the expertise we have developed from our work with key clients across the NHS. The forums give NEDs a unique opportunity to debate and discuss with their peers.

"Great programme, thank you for letting us access it."

Fiona McKenzie, NeXt Director Scheme

"A great programme which stimulates and re energises me - 3 hours well spent!"

David Clayton Smith, East Sussex Healthcare

NEDs have an increasingly significant role in ensuring they are properly exercising their responsibilities in relation to governance and risk. We aim to support NEDs through this and in all of these roles through our programme of events. We offer expert knowledge and real life experience from within and without the sector and, as before, this new programme will include a balance of macro and micro level topics for the whole Board, as well as a specific workshop for the Audit Committee.

Programme of events

They will run from September to April next year

Ensuring future sustainability

How to develop executive and non-executive talent

15 October 2019, 10:00 – 13:00

For all the best plans at national, regional or local level, one fact remains – it is the quality of the people that implement the plan that will be the major factor in the
success, or otherwise, of its delivery. Across the economy many sectors have well developed approaches built into their systems for identifying and developing talent. The NHS is lagging somewhat behind. In this session we will look at current national thinking on talent and leadership development and explore the key role that boards
have in this area, particularly through the new competency frameworks for chairs and the NHS Leadership Academy.

Joining us will be Julian Hartley, CEO, Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust and Yvonne Mowlds, Partner, PwC.

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Julian Hartley – CEO, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Yvonne Mowlds - Partner, PwC

Moving to larger provider collaborations and system working

The challenge for NHS Boards

13 November 2019, 10:00 – 13:00

There is no doubt that the recent years of emphasis on organisational governance and performance are rapidly being replaced with the requirement to form wider collaborative partnerships and establish whole system working. In this session we will discuss the implications for the role of organisational boards and consider the skills and relationships that this new world needs and how this challenges existing mindsets. We will look at the nature of this transition and find ways to help boards audit their own capabilities, develop new skills and create effective whole system governance.

To discuss this, we will be joined by Caroline Clarke, CEO, Royal Free, Raj Jain, CEO, Salford Royal Foundation Trust and Pennine Acute Hospital Trust and Tom Hampshire, PwC Partner.

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Caroline Clarke – CEO, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

Raj Jain – CEO, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust and Pennine Acute Hospital NHS Trust

Tom Hampshire – Partner, PwC

Population Health Management

21 November 2019, 09:00 – 12:00

With a growing and ageing population, innovations in science and medicine, and an increase in
preventative diseases, the NHS is focusing on moving towards active population management to help to address the increasing demand and pressures it is facing. The Long Term Plan sets out the importance of integrated care in delivering programmes, with health, social care, local government and the voluntary sector all working together to make a difference.

In this session we will discuss how care systems can work together to support the NHS’s prevention programmes and tackle health inequalities. We will also discuss how harnessing the power of data and technology can help the NHS to understand and predict patterns and service utilisation, which could help those most in need.

We will be joined by Kirsten Major, CEO, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Damien Ashford, PwC Partner.

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Kirsten Major – CEO, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Damien Ashford – Partner, PwC

Making healthcare digital

What should boards be doing about AI, big data and predictive analytics?

December 2019, 11:00 – 14:00

The Long Term Plan is clear in its commitment to harness the power of technology and ensure the future of the health service is digitally enabled. Substantial developments in information management, using AI and predictive analytics, are the most important single weapon to help us to more precisely target scarce resources towards rising demand. In addition app based health services and online primary care point the way to increased access and efficiency as well as the possibility of addressing the workforce supply problem. In this session we will explore the art of the possible and ask what boards should be doing to embrace the technology revolution.

Sam Jones, CEO at Centene and Michael McDonnell, Head of Partnerships and Delivery at Google DeepMind will share lessons on how new technology, and wise board leadership, can transform our health and care system. Sandie Grimshaw, PwC Partner, will also be joining us.

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Michael MacDonnell – Head of Partnerships and Delivery at Google Deep Mind

Sam Jones – CEO, Centene

Sandie Grimshaw – Partner, PwC

Is choice being replaced by responsibility?

The role of the consumer in health and care

21 January 2020, 13:00 – 16:00

As we leave behind 70 years of paternalism and move towards greater patient choice, not least embracing the app revolution, this session asks how is all of this shifting the traditional power dynamics in the NHS. We will consider how these changes are affecting society as a whole and what this means for health organisations. Issues under consideration include how boards might be held to account, what should the NHS expect in return from the patients, how will the doctor patient relationships change and how will this impact overall governance.

We will propose strategies to support board members to embrace the opportunities of this shift in power and will be joined by Alan Milburn, former Secretary of State for Health, Denise Hampson, Ex Global Behavioural Economist – LuLuLemon and Advisor to the Ministry of Justice and David Morris, PwC Public Sector Health Leader.

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Denise Hampson Ex Global Behavioural Economist – Lu Lu Lemon and Advisor to the Ministry of Justice

Alan Milburn – Senior Advisor, PwC Government and Health Industries Executive Boards

David Morris – Partner, PwC

Prevention or cure?

Is it time for the NHS to shift resources at scale to early intervention?

27 February 2020, 11:00 – 13:00

Nye Bevan believed that through the development of illness prevention strategies and good health promotion the NHS would do itself out of business within years of its establishment. But 71 years on demand has grown at a steady 4% per annum each year. We now face the prospect of demand for care exceeding available resources for the second consecutive decade. In this session we will set out why this is not sustainable for the system and how we, and boards in particular, should increase our focus on illness prevention.

We will be joined by Duncan Selbie, CEO Public Health England, Professor Kate Arden, Director of Public Health and Wigan Council, PwC Director.

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Duncan Selbie – CEO, Public Health England

Professor Kate Arden – Director of Public Health, Wigan Council

Moving care out of hospital

What is the role of Primary Care Networks?

18 March 2020, 11:00 – 14:00

The NHS Long Term Plan sets out a clear reorientation of emphasis and resources away from hospital and physical health care to a new world of holistic community based and primary care directed services. There is much for the system to do as patients are still experiencing problems in A and E, delayed discharges and a lack of acute care beds. We will discuss how organisations can move more quickly into place based working and how PCNs, community and mental health services can work alongside hospitals to make this a reality.

Guest panelists will include Susan Sinclair CEO at AT Medics, Dominic Hardy, Director of Primary Care and System Transformation at NHS England and NHS Improvement, Yvonne Mowlds PwC Partner and Nancy Park, PwC Partner.

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Susan Sinclair – CEO, AT Medics

Dominic Hardy – Director of Primary Care and System Transformation, NHS England and NHS Improvement

Yvonne Mowlds – Partner, PwC

Nancy Park – Partner, PwC

Social Care – Time For Change?

How can society and the NHS and care system address the issues of an ageing population? How will we deal with the increasing need to Transform Social Care? The role of boards on delivering fully integrated health and social care.

22 April 2020, 13:00 – 16:00

National policy on ageing and social care is likely to focus on funding levels and yet the major question we face as a nation is how can we manage the care of working age and older adults with rising social needs. For many people with these problems, our services are fragmented, under funded and difficult to access. For many organisations, delivery of these services highlights the same problems. In this session we will consider the need for social care transformation and its implications for the NHS in general and boards specifically. What should NHS Boards be doing on the ground about care, ageing and service integration?

Joining us for this discussion will be Rosamond Roughton, Director for Care and Transformation, Department for Health and Social Care, Dr Carolyn Wilkins, CEO Oldham Council and Accountable Officer, NHS Oldham CCG and Jonathan House, PwC Partner.

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Rosamond Roughton – Director of Care and Transformation, Department for Health and Social Care

Dr Carolyn Wilkins – CEO, Oldham Council, Accountable Officer, NHS Oldham CCG

Jonathan House – Partner, PwC

NHS Audit Committee Network

27 January 2020, 10:00 – 13:00

The Health Audit Committee Network is an extension of the NHS NED programme but with a greater focus on the role of this important committee. These events will help NEDs ensure they are up to date with the latest developments so they can shape the governance of their own organisations in the face of an ever changing health landscape. The topics we will cover over the course of the year will include:

  • Contracting for new models of care – what assurance will commissioners and providers need?
  • Managing technology risk – what does IT investment, data analytics, AI and robotics mean for audit Committees?
  • Are you ready for reporting changes – what do the new accounting standards mean for your organisation?

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Heather Ancient – Partner, PwC

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"Very thought provoking, its important as a NED to have "time out" to discuss the longer term issues facing the NHS."

Vanessa Connolly Cambridgeshire & Peterborough CCG

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