Consumer-led pension strategy: Western Power Distribution

We recently worked with Western Power Distribution (‘WPD’) to help them design and implement a methodology to seek consumers’ views on how WPD should fund its pension schemes. The results show that if the industry runs their pension schemes in a different way to present, then all consumers can benefit.

Disrupting Utilities

A potential revolution for the utilities industry is being led by advancements in smart home technology, real time data becoming available and evolving customer expectations. The door is wide open for truly innovative companies.

Connected Home

Over the last two decades technological innovations have transformed the way that we engage with people, products and services and generally how we experience our lives. But little has changed with how we engage with our homes, our primary place of comfort, well-being, financial security and a significant driver of our lifestyles.

Igniting Change 2: Building the pipeline of female leaders in energy

Gender diversity across energy. Where are we now and how do we get to where we want to be?


Power & Renewables Deals: 2016 outlook and 2015 review

PwC’s outlook on mergers and acquisitions activity within the global power, utilities and renewable energy market.

Solar PV - A partial eclipse?

The solar photovoltaics (PV) market has grown significantly in the last 5 years driven by Government subsidy. With the Government subsidies set to be cut in 2016 high levels of activity are expected across the supply chain.

Energy 2020 - Who will be the winners?

The UK energy supply industry is facing its biggest shake-up since deregulation. Companies in the sector are being put under unprecedented pressure to develop winning strategies. With new competitors and technological innovation inspiring enhanced products and services, energy suppliers need to adapt quickly if they want to retain their customers and their trust.

Roadmap to reform in the Water sector issue 4, November 2015

Our fourth issue of the roadmap sets out the main activities, policy development and consultations that will take place in the run up to planned reforms in the sector:

Managing AMP6 incentives & penalties: putting outcomes at the heart of your business

AMP6 represents a step-change with profound implications... company specific outcomes that they must deliver..focus their attention..have full visibility integrated approach which aligns the business.

Turning the tap on AMP6: Building an effective roadmap

Turning the tap on AMP6: Building an effective roadmap

Investment in renewable energy

Analysis of investment in the renewable energy market throughout 2014.

Working Capital management

Working Capital management for upstream oil and gas companies

Power & Renewables Deals

2015 outlook and 2014 review

Power your way to peak performance

How energy suppliers can turn customer complaints into competitive advantage

Global nuclear capital projects and infrastructure capability

As a part of critical infrastructure, the worldwide nuclear industry is in the middle of a three-fold challenge of extensive new build, increased efforts to manage and extend the life of an aging global fleet, and the widespread decommissioning of the oldest plants, all within the context of high competition for resources and ever-increasing power and energy demands.

Household Bill Tracker Energy 2020

Our Energy 2020 Household Bill Tracker and infographic, analysing the UK energy agenda and tracking our progress against the 2020 target.

Roadmap to reform of UK water sector – September 2014

A timeline of the government’s water reforms with key decisions and actions for the water sector.

CCWater: Lessons learned

A cross-sectoral study of issues that have been detrimental or a risk to customers through the introduction of market reform.

State of the renewable industry

Our analysis ofinvestment trends 2010-2013 in the UK renewable energy sectorinvestment and forecasting required expenditure for 2020 targets.

At the crossroads: the future of the UK energy retail market

A new energy strategy will rebuild trust; help consumers reduce energy usage; price competitively, create a low carbon future, ensure a fair return.

Review of the UK renewable energy sector

Analysis ofthe UK renewable energy sector including deployment, jobs and new investment 2010-2013 and forecasting required expenditure for 2020 targets

Power & Renewables Deals - 2014 outlook and 2013 review

Deal momentum in the power and renewables sector shifts to an upward trend in 2014

Future of energy supply

Shifting the debate from energy pricing reducing consumption. An energy business strategy should enable; a customer proposition to build trust; help consumers reduce energy consumption; price competitively, a sustainable low carbon future, and a fair return.

The fleet effect: The economic benefits of adopting a fleet approach to nuclear new build in the UK

The economic benefits of adopting a fleet approach to nuclear new build in the UK.

We don’t just consult… we deliver

This Capabilities Statement explains howPwC's Energy, utilities & mining can help firms in the sector deliver on their ambitions by providing practice-proven advice and support.

Ten tips to manage commodity risk for competitive advantage

Users of commodities face being squeezed from all directions including; price volatility, complexity in the market, producers, traders, and customers. Organisations need to determine how to respond and create and implement the right strategy and agree with multiple stakeholders collectively to agree the way forward.

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