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James McKemey

Pod Point

To guarantee utilisation, you’ll need to put your charging infrastructure in a place where a car is naturally going to visit anyway. That means putting a charging point in places where cars are parked, so yes we come back to the home-work-destination model, but also you need to make sure your charging infrastructure is very easy to use. You don’t want to be putting barriers in the way of people charging on your assets.

The final point for the long term is, when we start to move to the high uptake, we are going to have to manage the charging load on the network intelligently. So, having your charge points everywhere that’s relevant, making them easy to use, and making them smart are the three things that will guarantee utilisation. We don’t know where the majority of charging industry revenue will come from in the future. Its one of the things that makes this industry so interesting. Currently, majority of our revenue comes from the sale of charging infrastructure and its installation.

Moving forward there is definitely going to be ongoing revenue from services as well, which of those will be greater, it is very hard to say at this time.

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