Artificial Intelligence everywhere

AI isn’t just a new set of tools. It’s the new world. From automation to augmentation and beyond, AI is already starting to change everything.

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Big opportunities. Manageable risks.

$15.7 trillion—that’s the global economic growth that AI will provide by 2030, according to PwC research. Who will get the biggest share of this prize? Those who take the lead now.

AI is automating tasks that require human cognition, such as fraud detection and maintenance schedules for aircrafts, cars and other physical assets. It’s augmenting human decisions on everything from capital project oversight to customer retention and go-to-market strategies for new products.

Researchers and entrepreneurs around the world are striving for autonomous AI that won’t need human intervention to make even highly complex decisions. That means new business models everywhere, whether financial services, healthcare, energy and mining, industrial products, or media and entertainment.

There are risks, but we know how to manage them. Audit algorithm outputs for accuracy. Integrate cybersecurity. Ensure human control of sensitive processes. Be a first mover so it doesn’t leave you behind. Adopt responsible AI that benefits society. Protect privacy and keep algorithms bias-free.

With AI pilots and projects live all over the globe, and new use cases added daily, at PwC we’re already veterans at helping clients navigate the new world of AI safely and strategically.

How to accelerate AI

Find the AI opportunities with the highest ROI. Test concepts thoroughly for rapid adoption. Deliver innovative solutions at scale. PwC’s AI specialists offer expertise and experience with natural language processing,  machine learning, deep learning, data engineering, automated ML, digital twins, embodied AI, responsible AI, and more.

Tomorrow’s AI leaders are setting their strategies today. Organisations can start with low-risk, high-return pilot programs, but for long-term success they need to

  • Align AI strategy with business strategy
  • Develop enterprise-wide AI capability
  • Build an institutionalised portfolio of AI capabilities
  • Establish AI-appropriate governance for security and risk mitigation

To get started, we’ve identified and answered seven key questions, below. Take a look, then get in touch. We can help you use AI to transform your world today and create a new world for tomorrow.

How can Artificial Intelligence be used for good?

We have no choice - AI is about to transform our lives. What we can decide, right now, is how to use it to win trust and change our world for the better.

AI for good

What is the impact of AI on government policy and society?

AI may determine who leads and who lags in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Benefitting from AI in the coming years requires smart policy decisions now.

Make smart policy decisions

How will AI change the future of work?

The future of work is here: digital, increasingly automated, and shaped by AI. Enterprises, governments, workers, and even parents need to get ready—today.

Prepare your workforce


How can organisations reshape business strategy with AI?

AI is ready right now to boost productivity and decision making. Use cases are multiplying, but strategy will determine the long-term winners.

Boost the bottom line

Explainable AI: greater understanding to drive value 

Artificial intelligence is a transformational $15 trillion opportunity. Yet, as AI becomes more sophisticated, more and more decision making is being performed by an algorithmic ‘black box’. 

Trust your AI solutions

What are our AI strategic partnerships and alliances?

Our AI expertise extends beyond our ranks. Collaborations with top universities and technology companies boost PwC’s ability to meet clients’ needs.

Strategic AI partnerships

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