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Our journey through the alphabet of technology trends

Welcome to the A to Z of Tech podcast series. A is for Artificial Intelligence, B is for Blockchain, C is for Cyber Security. Follow our journey through an alphabet of technology trends with PwC's technologists and special guests.

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Episode 14: L for Language


Nowadays, we’re all swimming in information, and it can be hard to make sense of it all. How do we understand and explore all the data around us? How do we help computers understand how we communicate so that they in turn can help us to connect with each other?

This episode of the A-Z of Tech is about language. Hosts Shreya and Louise are joined by Natalia Danilova, Forensic Data Discovery Specialist at PwC, and Juliet Gauthier, a Strategic Product Manager at the media services company Red Bee Media, two experts in the fascinating world of words and computing.

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Episode 13: Special edition - Emerging tech trends 


We’ve taken a break in the A to Z to reflect on some emerging tech trends during the coronavirus pandemic. In this edition, we look at how the adoption and development of some technologies has accelerated over the past few months, and what might be round the corner.

Louise and new co-host Shreya Gopal are joined by three PwC guests, Sheetal Vyas, Gabriel Currie and Penny Flint, to discuss AI, 3-D printing, the future of work, cybersecurity, and supply chains amongst other topics.

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Episode 12: K for Kids    


There’s a lot to think about when it comes to engaging children with technology. How do we teach children their digital rights and protect them from online harms whilst also ensuring they stay engaged with the online world and consider tech as a viable career option? 

This month, Louise is joined by Maithreyi Rajeshkumar, head of policy and communications at child online safety charity, Childnet, and Robyn Howard, who was instrumental in the creation of the Tech She Can Charter and its Tech We Can school lesson plans. For more information on Childnet or Safer Internet Day, head to

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J for Jargon image - Man looking at multiple computer screens

Episode 11: J for Jargon


Do you know your machine learning from your AI? Do you know what a digital twin is and how they’re used? Or what Web 3.0 means for your future internet browsing?

This month, Hugo and Louise are joined by 10 special guests who debunk and demystify the tech terminology you’re hearing every day but still not really sure what it means.

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Episode 10: I for Internet of Things


Can you hack a smart device? How are Internet of Things devices making Chinese strawberry farms more sustainable? How are traffic sensors helping South American cities predict air pollution? 

For our ‘I for Internet of Things’ episode, Hugo & Louise are joined by Jo Gilbert from the GSMA and Matt Wixey from PwC’s cyber research team. In the first half of this episode, Jo sheds some light on how smart devices are used beyond household appliances. In the second half, Matt shares some insights into his research on the ‘hackability’ of devices. Finally, the team wrap up with their usual trend predictions and crystal-ball gazing.

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Episode 9: H for Hacking


Who are the hackers and can they really be reformed? Louise and Hugo investigate the world of hacking are joined the Ethan Thomas from the National Crime Agency and Stuart Criddle, PwC’s ethical hacking expert.

The podcast starts with a deep dive into how the National Crime Agency work to rehabilitate hackers operating on the wrong side of the law. The second half of the discussion centres around ethical hacking, what it is and who works in this space. The podcast concludes with an all panel discussion on the future of hacking and cyber skills.

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Episode 8: G for 5G


This month Louise and Hugo are talking all things 5G with EE’s Howard Jones and Strategy&’s Kirolous Zikry. 

For the first half of the conversation, the group discuss the hype surrounding 5G, what the technology is and how it compares to analogue and everything up to 4G. In the second half of the conversation, the group talk about 5G’s potential uses and some crystal ball gazing on what comes next.

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Episode 7: Bonus episode - Driverless


In this temporary veer away from the alphabet, we sit down with Margaret Campbell, a curator at the Science Museum's latest exhibition 'Driverless: who is in control?'. Louise and Hugo chat to Margaret about her highlights from the exhibition, including the UK's first driverless car from the 1960s, the use of driverless technologies to clear Afghanistan’s land mines and how autonomous bots are monitoring the ocean’s oil spills.

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Episode 6: F for Fintech


What is fintech? Who are the challenger banks? What comes next for retail banking? Listen to the latest episode ‘F for Fintech’ as hosts Louise Taggart and Hugo Warner are joined by Starling Bank’s Head of Technology Advocacy Jason Maude and PwC’s financial services disruption lead, Arthur Hughes-Hallet.

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Episode 5: E for Ethics


In this episode, host Louise Taggart is joined by new co-host Hugo Warner. Listen in to Louise and Hugo as they tackle some of the most difficult questions regarding ethics from innovation and regulation to unconscious bias - with the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation’s Oliver Buckley and PwC UK’s AI Programme Driver, Maria Axente.

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Episode 4: D for Drones


In this episode we hear from two women working in the drones sector - Dr Pippa Malmgren, founder of H Robotics, and PwC's UK drones leader and former RAF engineer, Elaine Whyte. We discuss the potential of this emerging technology - from avoiding crocodiles to opening up new commuter routes high above the Thames!

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Episode 3: C for Cyber Security


In this episode we hear from the National Cyber Security Centre about the different types of hackers, what information they're after, and what you can do to protect yourself as a consumer. A short second interview covers CEOs as a target for cybercriminals and the risks of oversharing on social media.

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Episode 2: B for Blockchain


In episode two we take a look at demystifying blockchain with Seamus Cushley, a director in our blockchain team at PwC, and introduce some interesting use cases beyond cryptocurrency with Niall Dennehy, co-founder of blockchain for good start-up, AID:tech.

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Episode 1: A for Artificial Intelligence


We're kicking off our series with an introduction to artificial intelligence with Rob McCargow, director of AI at PwC and special guest Tabitha Goldstaub, co-founder of CognitionX and chair of the UK government's AI Council. Check out Rob's kids' Robot Rules and the MIT research study on human perspectives on machine ethics

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