Although the Company is in liquidation, your employment continues until terminated expressly by the company in liquidation and your continuity of service is preserved.

As long as you continue to be employed, unless instructed otherwise, you should come to your normal place of work and you will be paid your salary as usual.

As you are aware, a consultation process has commenced. We expect this forum will provide greater clarity for staff working in each part of the business as to what it may mean for them. 

More information

Should you have any employee related queries, please speak to your line manager or HR team in the first instance.  

Alternatively you can call our helpline as follows: 

  • For UK callers: 0800 0639 282
  • For international callers: +44 203 2811 805 

(The helplines are open Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm excluding public holidays

Employee specialists within the Special Managers’ team, can be contacted at employees.carillion@uk.pwc.com


Support for employees

As employees are aware, there is ongoing consultation with unions and employee representatives about the situation caused by the liquidation and it has been a priority to seek to save jobs where possible. The liquidation means the only way this can be done is by finding someone to take over contracts, projects or business and helping employees transfer with the work where possible.

Despite best efforts it is not possible to save all jobs and a number of roles will become redundant, sadly meaning that these employees will leave the business. Each employee affected will be communicated with directly and provided with further guidance and support on their situation.

Below is more information which you may find helpful.


Support with finding a new job

Extensive efforts have already been made to support people to find new roles with other employers.

Jobcentre Plus, through its Rapid Response Service, stands ready to support any employee affected by this announcement.

The National Careers Service provides free, up to date and impartial information, advice and guidance on careers, skills and the labour market in England. Call a professional careers adviser on 0800 100 900 (8am to 10pm daily).

Read this redundancy factsheet for more information:

Looking for work and claiming benefits if you’re made redundant


Getting help with your application for redundancy payments

If you worked directly for the liquidated companies under an employment contract, and your employment ceases then you will be entitled to redundancy and other related payments from the Insolvency Service.

Self-employed contractors and agency workers who provide services to the companies are not eligible to apply for redundancy payments.

If you were an employee of the liquidated companies and your employment ceases you will receive from the Special Managers a case reference number (for example CN12345678). Once you have this information you can apply online.


Form RP1  Claim Reference Number - Claiming for Redundancy Pay 

Form RP1 entitles you to claim for outstanding monies due to you including statutory redundancy entitlement. You are entitled to claim statutory redundancy if you have been continuously employed by the Company for more than two years.

The Special Managers on behalf of the Official Receiver have made considerable progress verifying the company's records in order that the statutory payments being claimed online via forms RP1 are recorded correctly. The process has now commenced of issuing the unique claim reference number (CN reference) to individuals required to make a claim online. We are pleased to inform you that letters have now been sent to individuals with a leave date up to the 09 February 2018 including the data the Redundancy Payments Service (RPS) requires to make the payment that may be due to employees. It is anticipated that claim reference numbers for individuals with a leave date up to 15 February 2018 will be sent by 23 February 2018. Going forward letters will be issued within 7 days of a leaving date.  

Please note that salary for the purpose of all claims handled by the RPS will be subject to the statutory maximum limit of £489 per week.

The RPS has established a specialist team spanning both the Redundancy Payments Service in the Insolvency Service and Carillion’s HR department to process payments for claims payable for redundancy pay on the form RP1 as quickly as possible. As a result of the systems the RPS have established to prioritise these payments the RPS are aiming to pay your claim quicker than their agreed 14 day target.

If you have received your Claim reference number and have not completed the online RP1 we would encourage you to do so at your earliest convenience to ensure you receive any statutory amounts that may be due to you. 

Please note the Claim Reference numbers are unique and should in no circumstances be shared as this may delay agreement and payment of your claim.


Form RP2 - Claiming for Statutory Notice Pay

Form RP2 is for claiming compensation for loss of notice.  

The RPS will send you a claim form (RP2) directly. You will not receive this until after the end of your statutory notice period. You do not need to do anything, this will happen automatically. The length of your statutory notice period will depend upon your length of service with the company.

You will be entitled to one week’s notice after one month’s service, two weeks after two years, then one week for every complete year you worked. The statutory maximum is 12 weeks. For example, an employee who had worked for the company for 12 years or more will not receive an RP2 form for 12 weeks from the date of their redundancy. Employees with a shorter length of service will receive their forms at an earlier date.

Any part of your notice that you have not worked and where you have received wages from a new job or any benefits you were entitled to (even if you did not claim them) will be deducted from your claim for statutory notice pay. This part is not taxable, although basic tax is taken into account when calculating the amount due to you.

Any contractual notice should be claimed separately in the insolvency proceedings.

Should you not receive a form or wish to enquire about a payment, please contact the RPS directly by telephone on 0330 331 0020 or by e-mail at redundancyclaims@insolvency.gsi.gov.uk

To see further information please click here

Redundancy support in Scotland

In Scotland, redundancy support is provided through the Scottish Government’s Partnership Action for Continuing Employment (PACE) initiative.

The PACE Redundancy Helpline 0800 917 8000 is operated by Skills Development Scotland or help is available at www.redundancyscotland.co.uk.

Facing Redundancy Scotland Guide – http://www.skillsdevelopmentscotland.co.uk/media/41081/pace-facing-redundancy-brochure-a5-single-pages-1.pdf


Returning Equipment

For employees needing to return any equipment there is now a single drop off point: Crown House, Birch Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 4J


More information

Further useful information can also be accessed via these sites:





Agency workers

Agency workers should also continue to work normally and the agency will be paid for the work done from the date of liquidation. Through regular briefings and updates, agency management will be provided with the necessary information to pass onto their agency teams on the ground. 

More information: 

If you have any questions, contact your agency or the usual operational point of contact in the group in the first instance. 

Alternatively you can call our helpline as follows: 

  • For UK callers: 0800 0639 282
  • For international callers: +44 203 2811 805 

(The helplines are open Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm excluding public holidays)

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