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The Companies are continuing to trade.

All agents, subcontractors and suppliers will be paid for goods and services provided during and for the benefit of the Liquidation where they have received confirmation post-appointment that these are required. Such payments will relate to goods and services provided in the normal course of trading, unless otherwise agreed.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below for further information about your rights.

In the first instance, please speak to your usual contact at the Companies.  Matters requiring the specific attention of the Special Managers can be sent to:

Shared Services:

Central Government:


Corporate & Regions:

Building & construction:

In your email please state your name, your company name, the name of your usual contact at the group and any other information you think will be useful. This will allow us to answer your query as quickly as possible.

Important Update on Supplier Payments

The Special Managers are endeavouring to pay suppliers for ongoing goods and services supplied to a company since the date of its liquidation within 30 days of invoicing. The Special Managers appreciate the cooperation of suppliers in relation to the invoicing guidance shown below. This will assist the Special Managers in facilitating payments within 30 days.

Notice to Suppliers regarding submission and settlement of invoices for ongoing services

The Liquidator and Special Managers are keen to ensure that suppliers are paid promptly for ongoing goods and services supplied to the benefit of the liquidations. To facilitate prompt payment and minimise any delays associated with invoice submission and approval, suppliers are requested to ensure that: 

  • Invoices are addressed to the Carillion legal entity suppliers are contracted to provide services to 
  • Invoices clearly reference a valid Purchase Order number
  • The total value of all invoices submitted for payment do not exceed the value of the Purchase Order
  • EDI (Tradex) enabled suppliers must continue to submit invoices which are backed by a Purchase Order using Tradex
  • Non-EDI enabled suppliers must continue to submit invoices which are backed by a Purchase Order to PO Box 5502, Wolverhampton WV1 9NS
  • Invoices not backed by a Purchase Order must be sent to the person who has requested the goods or service for approval and onward processing

- please note that requests for supply which are not backed by a Purchase Order are highly unusual and you should ensure that you have a valid Purchase Order in order to ensure that payment can be made without delay

- please do NOT send invoices backed by a Purchase Order to site or PwC direct since this is likely to result in a delay in processing payment

Thank you for your continued cooperation.

Please check this website frequently as it will be updated with important changes.

Supplier and Subcontractor - Frequently Asked Questions




What has happened to the Companies?

Please see the home page of the website for the current status of the Companies

What is a liquidation?


A compulsory liquidation is an insolvency process where a company is ordered by a court to be wound up, for example, on the petition of a creditor or creditors on the grounds that the company cannot pay its debts.

What is a Special Manager?

Special Managers can be appointed by the court on the application of the Official Receiver to manage the business or property of a company when a company has gone into liquidation.

What is an Official Receiver?

The Official Receiver acts as an Officer of the Court in insolvency matters and is also an employee of the Insolvency Service, an executive agency of the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. The agency is responsible for overseeing the insolvency process, investigating the cause of company failure and making redundancy and other related payments to employees when their employer is unable to do so.

What about Carillion (AMBS) Limited?

Carillion (AMBS) Limited is in liquidation with provisional interim liquidators appointed. References on this webpage to the Liquidator and the Special Managers should, for Carillion (AMBS) Limited, be read as references to its Interim Liquidators.

Will the Liquidator and Special Managers take on my contract?

The Liquidator and the Special Managers will continue to review the position but presently have no intention to take on your contract.

What do I do about the money I was owed for goods and services provided before the Company went into liquidation?

You will need to submit a claim in the liquidation, please see the Information for Creditors section of the website.

How long will my contract stay in place?

Contracts are being assessed on an individual basis and you will be contacted in due course. The Liquidator and the Special Managers will endeavour to transition contracts where possible however some contracts will be terminated, through a legal process called ‘disclaimer’ or otherwise. 

General Questions 

What is the current position?

The Company is continuing to trade with funding from the Official Receiver, whilst options for the various businesses are considered.

How do I claim retention of title on goods that have been delivered but not paid for?

You will be required to complete and submit a questionnaire with relevant supporting documents to evidence your entitlement to any goods.  You will also be required to attend site to identify your goods when requested.  In the first instance please communicate with your normal contact at the Company.  Please click here for the questionnaire.


Once you have complete your questionnaire, please send a copy to your contact at the Company and to the relevant mailbox below. 



Central Government:


Corporate & Regions:

Building & construction:

Shared Services:

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Please communicate with your usual contact at the Company. Please also refer to this website as it will be updated from time to time.

You can also contact the Special Managers at the below email addresses:

Central Government:


Corporate & Regions:

Building & construction:

Shared Services:

Carillion Construction Limited has a broad portfolio of design & build contracts across health, defence, education and private development. Following the insolvency of CCL on 15th January 2018 each contract has been reviewed and a strategy determined. Since appointment: 

• 33 contracts have been terminated/ disclaimed

• 2 contracts have been transferred

• There are ongoing discussions about the remaining contracts


Construction Specific FAQ's


What happens to work up to the date of liquidation that has not yet been measured?

We are arranging for measures to be performed as at 15 January 2018

Is a request for an order from a Carillion employee sufficient to bind the Special Managers and the Liquidator?

The Special Managers' teams are working with the Company's Commercial Directors and Project Directors on site to identify the immediate work required on a site by site basis.  Please continue to liaise with your usual Company contact.  Carillion will issue Purchase Orders after the Project Director has confirmed that you are willing to return to site, and the work he has agreed you will perform.

When will we get paid for work done after the date of liquidation, as agreed after liquidation?

Suppliers will be paid for goods and services provided during and for the benefit of the liquidation in the normal course of trading in line with existing payment terms unless otherwise agreed.

Are construction bank accounts frozen?



All bank accounts existing before 15 January 2018 in the name of Carillion Construction Ltd and other companies in the Group which have gone into liquidation have been frozen.  The Special Managers have set up new bank accounts up for Carillion Construction Limited (in compulsory liquidation with Special Managers appointed) to make payments from the date of appointment at 06.40am on 15 January 2018.

What is the process for people on construction sites to claim and collect retention of title goods?

Suppliers of goods that they believe are subject to retention of title provisions should submit a claim for such items to the Official Receiver. Details about how this process works, the forms required and the supporting documentation needed will be available on the Insolvency Services website:

What is happening to items that have been hired by Carillion and are on construction sites?

The Company intends to transfer as soon as reasonably practicable responsibility for all sites to the developer entity for the relevant site.  Please refer to the developer for guidance upon whether the equipment hired will continue to be required following transfer.  

If confirmed that the equipment is not required, please refer to the Carillion project manager for the site to ascertain if there is a safety or other reason why the equipment should remain on site.   

You should provide evidence of ownership to the Company and the developer's confirmation the equipment is not required.  The Company will review these documents and revert as soon as possible.  Admission to site to permit recovery of hired equipment will be by invitation only, and subject to appropriate safety and security controls.

Is there a list of all the construction sites and the status as to whether paused or not?

All sites are subject to continuing assessment and the status of individual sites may change according to the particular circumstances of each site.  Please continue to liaise with your usual Company contact for further updates on this matter.

What is the process for restarting construction sites?

The Special Managers are seeking to work with the employer for each site, with subcontractors and the Company's staff on a site by site basis to determine the way forward for each site.  Please continue to liaise with your usual Company contact for further updates on the process for restarting construction sites.

What evidence can be provided to credit insurers who are advising that they have a duty to minimise their losses?

Please contact your insurance brokers and/or insurance companies for information on their claims process

Please find a link to the FCA website. This includes information on conduct of insurers including their duties in relation to claims.

Please also find a link to the insurance ombudsman website:

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