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Trading in shares of Carillion Plc (LSE: CLLN) was suspended on 15 January 2018. Unfortunately, as a result of Carillion Plc entering liquidation on the same day, there is no prospect of a return to Carillion's shareholders.  No further dividends will be paid.

Carillion shareholders or investors with unsettled trades should direct any queries regarding the resolution of their trades to their broker.

It is expected that Carillion Plc will be delisted from the London Stock Exchange in due course.  This will not affect a shareholding as such and shareholders will continue to own the shares. The shares will not be permitted to trade on the exchange.

Shareholders should be aware of potential scams in the form of third parties offering to dispose of their shares, in exchange for the up-front payment of fees. Please refer to the following website regarding how to avoid and report share scams:

On 10 April 2018, HM Treasury confirmed that HMRC has accepted shares in Carillion Plc as having negligible value with effect from 15 January 2018, for the purposes of a claim under TCGA 1992, s 24(2). A copy of the announcement can be found here.  Please also refer to the following HMRC website regarding how to make a negligible value claim:

Shareholders should seek independent advice given their own circumstances and speak with their tax adviser. 

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