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Customer update

Extra Energy has now started to send final statements to customers. These are being delivered in two different ways, depending on whether you are in a credit or debit position on your account (please see below).   

The final billing for the majority of Extra Energy customers is expected to have been completed by the end of August. A small remainder of customers are expected to receive their final bills in September, as the administrators of Extra Energy work with their billing provider and Scottish Power to resolve outstanding issues. 

We appreciate your patience in this matter, and are focused on making this complex process as efficient as possible whilst maintaining appropriate levels of customer service. We will continue to update on timescales regularly via this website.   

Customers with a credit balance:

Final statements showing a credit balance on your Extra Energy account will be made available by Scottish Power on Extra Energy's behalf, either via your online Scottish Power account or by post. Please see Scottish Power's website for details of how they will return any credit balances (https://www.scottishpower.co.uk/extra-energy) and how to contact them if you have any queries. Neither Extra Energy nor the administrators are able to deal with queries regarding credit balances, please direct these to Scottish Power.

Customers with an outstanding debt:

Final statements showing an outstanding balance will be issued by Extra Energy. Where these are issued by email, they will come from an email address ending with @extra-energy.co.uk and will contain a link to view your final statement. To safeguard your personal information, customers will be asked to enter their supply address postcode when accessing this link. If you have queries regarding your final outstanding balance, please contact Extra Energy's customer service team on 0800 953 4774 / 0800 368 5452. You can find more details regarding how to pay your bill, and other information, here.



What has happened to the Companies?

EESL is a retail utility company, supplying gas and/or electricity to approximately 108,000 domestic customers and approximately 21,000 small and medium enterprises. UPBOL is a service company to EESL. Both EESL and UPBOL are headquartered in Birmingham.


Since entering the UK energy market, EESL has accumulated sustained historical losses and was facing a significant funding requirement heading into its peak energy consumption period. Despite discussions with its key stakeholders, EESL was not able to secure the requisite funding in order to continue to trade.


As a result, EESL informed the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority (“OFGEM”) on 21 November 2018 that it would be ceasing to trade. OFGEM sought to immediately ensure continuity of supply for EESL’s customers through its Supplier of Last Resort (“SoLR”) process for dealing with distressed energy providers.


On 24 November 2018 OFGEM announced its decision to appoint Scottish Power as the SoLR with all 129,000 customers transferring to Scottish Power with effect from the early hours of 25 November 2018. Following this, OFGEM announced its decision to revoke EESL’s gas and electricity supply licences. After OFGEM’s notifications, the sole director of EESL and UPBOL took steps to place both EESL and UPBOL into Administration.


The director appointed Mike Denny, Matthew Hammond and Ian Green as joint administrators of the Companies on 4 December 2018.

What is an administrator?

An administrator is an officer of the Court and is qualified to manage the affairs of a business when it is insolvent. It is their role to take control of a company’s affairs when it is in financial difficulty and try to find a longer term solution for it.  The administrators act as agents of the company and without personal liability.

Will my supply be cut off?

No. Your supply was transferred to the new supplier, Scottish Power, with effect from the early hours of 25 November.  

If my account has a credit balance, will this be protected?

Scottish Power have confirmed that credit balances for Extra Energy customers are protected. Scottish Power will be in touch in due course to confirm the credit balance to your account.

Who chose the new supplier?

The energy regulator Ofgem chose Scottish Power to start supplying your energy.  This process is called Supplier of Last Resort and ensures you always have an energy supplier.

Will I be on a different contract with my new supplier?

Yes. Your contract with Extra Energy has terminated.


The new supplier will contact you in due course with regards to your new contract.


Contact details for Scottish Power are available at their website:


Will my bills increase?

Scottish Power have stated that they have a flexible approach to changing tariffs, you can choose a contract and tariff  and it’s free of charge to change between Scottish Power tariffs at any time.

I’m already in the process of switching supplier and it’s not yet complete. Will my switch go through and is my credit balance protected?

If your switch is already underway, you will continue to be moved to the new supplier you have chosen. No further action is required from you.


Scottish Power have confirmed that credit balances for Extra Energy customers are protected. Scottish Power will be in touch in due course to confirm the credit balance to your account.

Will I continue to pay Extra Energy?

Yes, please make payments to Extra Energy for any amounts outstanding for supply up to 25 November. 

Please see this link for details as to how to make a payment.

For customers who have transferred to Scottish Power, payments for energy supplied from the early hours of 25 November will be payable to Scottish Power.

Why am I receiving correspondence from Extra Energy directly as opposed to PwC, who have been appointed as the administrators? It is standard practice in administrations of this type for customers to receive correspondence directly from the company, in this case Extra Energy, for whom PwC is acting on behalf of as administrators. 

Why does my final bill look different, and why have Extra Energy’s email addresses changed?

We have engaged a number of new suppliers for Extra Energy to assist with the billing and communications process.

Your final bill may therefore look a little different than previous bills, and you may see addresses ending with extra-energy.co.uk

If you have any queries regarding the legitimacy of letters please contact our customer service team on 0800 953 4774 / 0800 368 5452.

What if I dispute the debt? If you don't agree with the quantum of the debt, believe you have settled your account, or are not aware that you were a customer of Extra Energy, please contact the customer services team on 0800 953 4774 / 0800 368 5452. They will discuss the circumstances of your dispute with you and consider any evidence you may have with a view to resolving your dispute.
I am not aware that I was a customer of Extra Energy so why am I receiving letters? If you have any queries regarding communication you have received please contact our customer service team on 0800 953 4774 / 0800 368 5452.

Further advice and support

Any unanswered questions regarding any concerns about your energy supply, problems or complaints, you may wish to contact the Citizens Advice consumer helpline in the first instance for guidance and support.

●     https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/consumer/get-more-help/if-you-need-more-help-about-a-consumer-issue/

●     Telephone: 03454 040506 - Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

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