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What do

Salesforce applications bring together all your customer information in a single, integrated platform, from marketing right through to sales, customer service, business analysis, social media, and customer relationship management. Salesforce has been one of the pioneers of cloud technology, and they’re now transferring their expertise in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to enhance the employee experience and relationship.

What PwC do

Strategy through execution.

As with all our technology alliances, our job is to determine the right business strategy for you, then ensure you have the best and most relevant technology to achieve it. In other words, it’s about technology as an enabler, and a means to deliver a successful strategy. In developing that strategy, we bring all our expertise to bear, from market and industry insight to professional know-how in areas like digital, customer strategy, operations, finance, tax, and HR. And once the right technology is identified, we help you get the most from your investment and implement it, so your business is leaner, smarter, and more agile, and you get the benefits faster.

How we work with has been one of the most forward-thinking technology companies in the way they go to market and has invested significantly in their network of partnerships. As Global Strategic Partners of Salesforce, we get access to their latest new products and can contribute to innovations that benefit our clients. We’re also helping Salesforce extend their reach to specialist sectors like wealth management, where we have long experience. In other words, we’re helping them tailor-make their successful applications for specific industries and companies, which is where their next phase of growth will come from and where we can gain best value for our clients.

“Our technology consulting business is all about business transformation – using technology to enable and accelerate change. Salesforce complements our ‘strategy to execution’ approach, because it helps make their products more practical and relevant. It means that their technology can move beyond processes to ways of working, behavioural change and stakeholder engagement in areas like social media.

The other big factor here is how marketing is changing as a result of digital. In previous decades it was so much simpler – it was just above the line and below the line, and deciding where you’d get most impact. Digital has completely changed business models. There are huge opportunities to be had, but significant risks if you invest in the wrong place or don’t adapt quickly enough to how consumers are changing. Salesforce has some smart technology that allows you to monitor your social media presence in real time, and with PwC tools can analyse the sentiment towards your brand and target advertising and campaigns for specific customers.

By working closely with Salesforce, we often combine their technology with other digital, ERP and analytical applications to develop bespoke solutions that deliver the best value for our clients.”

Matt Hobbs, PwC Partner

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