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At PwC, we work across the spectrum of business and technology to provide long-term, sustainable growth for your business by better connecting you with your customers.

Your behind-the-scenes operations and technology can have a huge impact on the customer experience you deliver to your customers. We can help you transform your strategy, operations and experience by combining our business and strategy expertise​ with our award-winning solutions powered by Salesforce technology allowing you to adapt to your customers' current and future needs.

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Intelligent digital redefines what is next

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31 Salesforce Awards

Salesforce Live 2020

PwC in conversation with Capita: Including the whole organisation in B2B transformation

This year at Salesforce Live, we discussed Capita’s journey to become a next-generation B2B business, via the recent transformation of its sales and marketing function with the implementation of Salesforce. Watch our session with Ismail Amla, Chief Growth Officer at Capita UK to hear how we worked together to create sustainable growth for their business.

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How we can help

Transform your customer interactions with PwC and Salesforce and say hello to your new competitive edge. The solutions below are powered by Salesforce, built by PwC, and geared for innovative experiences.


PwC's CommerceNext solution, is a commerce and marketing solution that helps companies provide a personalised, behavior-driven experience for their customers. Our solution comes with and provides a global template to accelerate deployment of a fully functional storefront, which is completely customisable and flexible dependant on the industry our customers operate in. Currently there are no accelerators in place to rapidly stand-up and scale a digital ecosystem like CommerceNext can.

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Sales & Marketing Excellence

PwC’s Sales & Marketing Excellence, an end-to-end solution from initial inquiry to order. All on a single platform, this accelerator provides real-time access to data at any stage of the enquiry-to-order process to improve customer satisfaction and share of wallet.

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Connected Digital Front Office

Powered by  the Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud, PwC’s Connected Digital Front Office solution provides an integrated suite of assets that accelerate growth and productivity across Retail Execution, Sales, Service, Commerce, Trade Promotion Management, Analytics, and more.

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Transforming the guest and employee experience for hospitality

Introducing GuestLive, an industry solution that has been developed for the Hospitality industry which enables users to have full visibility into guest/customer data at crucial points during the consumer journey and looks to revolutionise the frontline experience to build brand loyalty. GuestLive is built on and leverages the Salesforce Community Platform which allows this pre-configured solution to be fully scalable and customisable.

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Pricing Leadership

Rapidly delivers pricing and channel incentive insights and recommendations to help companies make data driven decisions that drive revenue and margin improvement.

Interactive dashboards help users identify high level problems and zoom in to pinpoint where to take action.  Our digital platform enables you to access these insights anywhere.

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Digital Enablement Solution

Automate the enablement of your people powered by Salesforce

Our Digital Enablement Solution - powered by Salesforce,  provides real-time insight into employee’s engagement, technical proficiency and employee satisfaction. 75% of front office transformations fail to achieve ROI. It’s not a tech issue, it’s an adoption and user training experience problem that companies run into on a regular basis.

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Salesforce Data Migration

Are your clients struggling to adopt Salesforce? We can help.

Data is integral to nearly every aspect of business today and looking after your data, as well as leveraging data as a competitive asset, is becoming the difference between success and failure for companies.

Today and tomorrow’s market sees a cascade of clients seeking to move central systems to The Cloud. We see many organisations struggling with their Salesforce data migration efforts because of 3 common themes:

  • Complex design customisation requirements.
  • A disconnect between the business strategy and the Salesforce data migration.
  • Not enough time given to business validation and user acceptance testing (UAT).

Data issues have a direct impact on a business’s operational processes and whilst some companies ignore the importance of data migration, others recognise that the success of their transformation programme depends upon it.

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Case studies

Modernising the Mutual: Creating the 21st Century Building Society

In today's marketplace, leading Building Societies understand the need to transform how they engage and serve their members and brokers to remain competitive. Using the Salesforce CRM platform and pre-built solutions designed specifically for Building Societies, we help expedite delivery while offering our experience gained by working with other Building Societies and financial services companies. The approach is entirely flexible and can modernise a single business process such as improving broker relationship management through to wider digital transformation across the business.


Create your front office of the future

In 2017, PwC set out on a journey to become a digitally enabled organisation - our global deployment of Salesforce was a significant part of this. Watch our Trailblazer story and learn how our people-centric approach to Customer-Led transformation can help guide you in your journey.


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