MS Dynamics 365: empowering your business

Microsoft’s applications are familiar, embedded in countless businesses around the world, and robust. When it comes to choosing an ERP or CRM platform your existing technology has to be kept in mind, and with so many people comfortable using Microsoft products it makes sense to consider MS Dynamics 365. Dynamics integrates seamlessly with Office 365 helping to maximise productivity across all departments.

PwC: a recognised leader in MS Dynamics 365

We have a long alliance with Microsoft, and were the first professional services firm to create an alliance with them based on business integration and transformation. Our expertise and close relationship with Microsoft means that we know how to help you achieve the maximum value from MS Dynamics 365.

We have also been awarded the Dynamics Inner Circle Award. This is only awarded to Microsoft Dynamics Partners who deliver the highest level of services. And with more than 1,600 certified Microsoft professionals around the world PwC has the skills, industry insights, and scale to ensure you get the most from your investment.  

How we work with you and MS Dynamics 365

Our first step is always to work out if MS Dynamics 365 is right for your business. We’ll look at your existing structure and IT systems, then get a solid understanding of your business strategy. This means we can get the system right, because technology should enable your business strategy not dictate it.

Once the practical decisions have been made we’ll implement it and support you all the way. Whether you’re using other Microsoft systems such as SharePoint or Azure, or applications by other vendors we’ll deliver a leaner and more agile setup. This means you can achieve your business goals faster instead of being hampered by inadequate technology.

Cloud and on-site implementations

CRM platforms and other enterprise applications are becoming more focussed on cloud-based delivery. This brings with it many advantages, including faster setup times and lower upfront costs. MS Dynamics 365 has a full cloud implementation option, and for many businesses this is the right choice. But not for all. If a cloud-implementation isn’t possible then Microsoft Dynamics also has an on-site version.

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