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In today's world customer loyalty isn't guaranteed. Customers are more informed, intelligent and empowered than ever. Discover how you can use our Customer Technology solutions to nurture, develop and grow your customer base.

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​Create an improved customer experience by driving sales and service excellence.

Omni-channel, personalised customer engagement

​Increase customer satisfaction through a consistent end to end customer experience across your key touch points.

​Innovation through digital transformation

Reduce cost and improve customer experience and achieve digital transformation through innovation.



PwC was the first firm to become a Microsoft Dynamics Business Integration and transformation partner, and we have also been awarded the Dynamics Inner Circle Award. With over 1,600 certified Microsoft professionals around the globe we have the expertise and scale to implement your solution efficiently.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a leading customer technology platform that delivers Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning in one package. Able to integrate seamlessly with your existing technologies, Microsoft Dynamics is a flexible and powerful solution, and can also be delivered on-site if a cloud implementation is not feasible.

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PwC’s team are fully Mulesoft certified and have extensive experience in delivering integration solutions to leading companies around the world. In addition, our people have deep knowledge of other technologies and business processes such as CRM and ecommerce. This means we see your project as part of the bigger picture, with your commercial aims at the centre.

If you need to effectively integrate a range of customer technologies Mulesoft offers one of the most expansive options on the market. Mulesoft integration allows cloud and on-site systems to communicate, ensuring data is shared efficiently and simplifies workflow by providing a central Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

The Mulesoft ESB acts as a sole integration layer, which allows you to add new technologies to your business without the need for expensive and potentially risky IT work.

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PwC is an Oracle Global Cloud Elite Platinum Partner and has been awarded the Oracle Excellence Specialised Partner of the Year award for Oracle Cloud. Our depth of knowledge and experience means that we give you solutions that use strategic and industry expertise to achieve your business objectives.

Oracle is recognised globally as a leading provider of enterprise software across all business functions. The breadth of their technologies coupled to the ability to connect with non-Oracle platforms means they offer a complete solution to meet your needs.

The range of Oracle Cloud services covers areas including Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, and Operations. With comprehensive data analytics and a spread of mobile and cloud applications Oracle’s technologies give you better information, helping you gain a clear insight to your business which means you can make informed decisions.


PwC is one of Salesforce’s Global Cloud Alliance Partners, and has twice been awarded their Partner Innovation Award. Our close alliance with them means that we have access to their latest product knowledge and insights, so we provide you with a solution that can grow with your business.

By keeping all your data in one platform Salesforce gives you a joined up picture of your customers and your business. As a cloud-based service it is flexible and scalable, able to adapt to your business as it grows and evolves.

Salesforce has technologies that support every aspect of your business, with particular strengths in sales, marketing, customer service, and community management. It is possible to expand your licence as your user base grows, allowing you to seamlessly respond to growth as it happens.

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PwC are one of a select group of SAP Global Partners and are a Special Expertise Partner for Governance Risk and Compliance & Enterprise Performance Management. Our SAP certified team continually updates its skillset, and with direct access to SAP’s own experts we can deliver lean solutions informed by leading insights.

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