Corporate Simplification

Access value, reduce risk and enable transformation. Simplify your business.

The way your group is structured can have a big impact on your business’s performance. Too many entities can result in costly processes, duplication, additional compliance burdens, and can expose your business to risk. It can also mean you end up spending excessive time or money on managing everything.

Simplifying your corporate structure helps you free up time and money, reducing risk, and sets your company up for growth. We develop and deliver a positive change programme that’s unique to your business, helping you uncover the biggest opportunity you didn’t know you had.

How we can help

Simplifying your organisation can be easier and less complex than you think. We work with organisations to put them on the front foot. We help sell the simplified vision to leadership, map out a plan for simplification that will drive transformation throughout their business and avoid expensive mistakes by carrying out rigorous diligence. 

We can implement a programme that will deliver results and help you achieve meaningful, valuable change in the following ways:

Increase value

Simplifying your organisation can save money by running your corporate structures more efficiently. But there are other ways value can be measured too. For example, a more streamlined corporate structure can make governance and compliance simpler, and in turn free up management time that can be used more productively elsewhere. But the most valuable thing about corporate simplification is that it unlocks the potential for your business to transform, by removing barriers to growth. Setting you up for a smoother path towards growth that you can scale.

Protect from risk

We can help you understand where your business is vulnerable and through the simplification process, help you to reduce your operational and reputational exposure to risk. In 2020, businesses will be under increased pressure from regulators. Our team can help you navigate the complexity of the new regulations.

We can also help you define ownership and accountability, by putting processes in place to make sure knowledge is being shared within the organisation. This can reduce your business’s reliance on specific individuals, while also protecting them from liability.

Deliver transformation

Simplifying your group also makes it easier to implement new cloud solutions like SAP, which in turn can bring value to your business.

Increase transparency

Because our team manage the corporate simplification process for you, we’re embedded inside your business. Working in partnership with you in this way means we’re able to put an informed, objective lens on your group structure. We have experts in all areas of corporate simplification such as tax, accounting and legal. It means we can work with those different parts of your business at the same time, and consolidate any meaningful insights within our team. This helps to enhance your current management information and enables you to make better, more informed decisions.

Innovate with technology

Transform your business at speed. Our team is supported by the latest technology, to help accelerate the simplification process. For example, manually gathering information about your group can take months, but our tools can find and collate information about multiple entities in your group in a matter of hours. We can also integrate our solutions with your own platforms, so that we can share knowledge, bring the right people together, and help them communicate more easily. You’ll be empowered to make better, more informed decisions, faster. And because we’re supported by our global network, we can manage your group’s information anywhere in the world.

Simplifying your corporate structure is a practical measure which can help accelerate your business in an uncertain world. Adopting the mindset to streamline now, provides the opportunity to reduce costs and reap future benefits.

Glen BabcockPartner, PwC United Kingdom

How we do it

We have the expertise, the resources and the technology to manage your corporate simplification process from start to finish.

Experts in one place

We’ve brought together a team of people with all the individual expertise and knowledge you need to help simplify your group. And we have a global reach that means we can deliver a corporate simplification programme for you, wherever you are in the world. You don’t have to manage multiple advisors working in silos, because we combine expertise from all areas - including strategy, finance, tax, legal, eliminations, HR - all in one team which we will deploy as you require. We’re an established and experienced team with a dynamic based on honesty and trust, that’s hard to create from scratch. And when you work with us, you’ll feel a part of our team too.

One plan

Seemingly simple decisions can trigger unforeseen liabilities, creating expensive legal complications and this is why the planning phase is as critical as our delivery phase. We’ll work closely with you to develop a project plan that will outline each step of the process. This project plan is specific to your business’s challenges and will act as your roadmap to success. It will be a critical tool to help you engage your stakeholders and win support from the right sponsors in your group. As well as setting the ambition, it will also detail the resources and support you’ll need in place to be able to achieve it. We’ll include clearly-defined outcomes, key milestones for implementation with solid measurable objectives attached, as well as clarity around ownership and accountability. You’ll have a member of our team as your single point of contact throughout the process. You can be confident that you’ll always have one consistent source of support who really understands your business and can help you get things done quickly.

Supported by innovative technology

We have the latest technology to help you find and gather information about your group, quickly and easily, anywhere in the world. Our automated tools can pull data from public sources as well as help discover and consolidate information from different formats and locations within your organisation. We can integrate our solutions with your processes to streamline them, making them faster as well as helping to join up any company information that’s sitting in silos. We can also provide the platform to connect different teams from across the group and bring the relevant people and information together, to speed up decision-making and keep the project on track.

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