Selling your business

When the time is right you may want to sell your business, or part of it, to help shareholders and management realise the value they have added to the business.

In order to get the best return for all of your efforts over the preceding years you might need help with a variety of aspects of this potentially transformational transaction such as:

  • Vendor due diligence (an in depth report on your organisations’ financial health for potential buyers)
  • Addressing concerns and issues relevant to even the most demanding buyer
  • Understanding the opportunities that arise during a sale
  • Recognising the key issues to address
  • Maintaining control over the sales process and timing of the sale
  • Reducing disruption to business as usual
  • Keeping the pace and initiative throughout the sale process
  • Identifying critical value issues early in the process to give time to ‘regroup and fix’.
  • Executing a divestment quickly from the point of announcement to reduce business disruption

When you work with us we can help you by:

  • providing advice on the sale strategy and assisting with the decision whether to proceed with the sale
  • identifying key value drivers to position the company for sale and presenting the opportunity to buyers
  • preparing marketing materials for potential buyers
  • identifying and approaching potential buyers and managing the distribution of the marketing materials to them
  • compiling formal indicative offers and managing the due diligence process
  • evaluating final offers and advising on a preferred buyer
  • working with legal advisers in the negotiation of the transaction

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