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Digital value creation

Make quicker decisions with confidence

In Deals, we deliver value by combining our industry and functional expertise with powerful tools and capabilities. Our human-led, tech-powered approach enables clients to make faster decisions with confidence, and create, realise and protect value across M&A, restructuring and divestitures.

In tandem with this approach, PwC is partnering with a wide range of solutions in this space, including exclusive relationships with companies like Harvey AI, in order to bring first hand experience and solutions to help our clients move early in harnessing the potential of Generative AI and Palantir, powering advanced industry specific analytics.

Unlock new possibilities and better outcomes

Our team of Deals professionals, supported by technologists, has undergone extensive training in data and analytics, enabling us to apply cutting-edge technology and design innovative digital solutions. This unique capability and skill set, is underpinned by PwC’s own unique technology assets as well as an ecosystem of technology Alliance Partners, many encompassing GenAI , to ensure you have access to the very best solutions to help solve your issues. This is how we tackle the most complex challenges to deliver unique insights and transformative results. Join us on this journey and unlock new possibilities for your business.

  • Improved and faster strategic decision-making: We understand the immense value data and insights can bring. By combining our experience and expertise with advanced data analytics, we provide actionable insights that drive business growth and help clients make better informed decisions.
  • Create tech-powered impact: Our approach goes beyond traditional advisory. With our team of technologists, we design workflow platforms and draw on a range of tools that we adapt and integrate to transform the way we deliver for our clients. We use technology to enhance our services, deliver unique insights, and engage in meaningful conversations that drive real impact.
  • Benefit from a stronger, more-collaborative team: We recognise complex challenges require collaboration. Our community of solvers, combining the strength of our global network with our technology alliance partners, will work with you and your teams to create, realise and protect value across M&A and successfully address your most complex problems.

Our human-led, tech powered Deals team, bring deep industry experience and functional expertise, powered by technology, to help you create greater value by going further, deeper, faster.

Outcomes we deliver

Our aim is to help you to deliver sustained outcomes for your organisation. We take time to understand your complex challenges and bring together our industry experience with the best of our insight, technology ecosystems, solutions and data, to help you deliver long term success.

We use a diverse range of innovative technology products and solutions, tailored and integrated to deliver the results you need for your business. We can help you to deliver and improve:

  • Value creation
  • Net Zero transformation
  • Investment in infrastructure
  • Productivity
  • Cost optimisation
  • Workforce optimisation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Business resilience

Digital assets

In our digital store you can view a selection of our proprietary technology assets that can be easily combined with our deep industry and domain expertise to deliver solutions across your business.

Tech-enabled Deals teams

Equipping ourselves to deliver greater value to clients.

Deal Analytics

We deliver insight through advanced data analytics and machine-learning technology to maximise value throughout the entire deal lifecycle.

More on Deal Analytics

Our alliance partners

We transform businesses by leveraging an ecosystem of over 30 technology alliances alongside our own proprietary technology. Whatever your focus, we can help you solve your most critical business issues by combining PwC’s expertise with our alliance partners’ technology.

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