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Deal-making in today’s data-fueled business landscape

Deal-making in today’s data-fueled business landscape means you have far more information than before. But it’s the story behind the data that matters – and that’s often the hardest thing to identify in a fast-paced environment.

We help you turn business data into meaningful intelligence and lasting value. Combining our business understanding, experience and technology innovation, with your vision and data, we will help you cut through complexity, act with confidence and speed, and deliver insight-driven success.


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Navigate the deal with the right insights

Whether you’re looking to execute a merger, acquisition, disposal or restructuring, our Deal Analytics capability helps you to anticipate and grasp the opportunities that lie ahead. Here are some examples of how we can help:

Contract digitisation: know where your contracts are and what they contain

Your contracts contain invaluable information – but can you find it when you need it? How much more could you achieve if you could unleash the full power of the data locked up in your contracts?

We’ve used our industry expertise and machine-learning technology to create ground-breaking solutions that unlock the power of your contracts data.  Whether you need to find a contract quickly, or want to automate the extraction of vital data from your contracts, we have the answer for you.

Our analytics-driven solutions carry out tasks in a fraction of the time of manual processes. The full power and value of your contract data is at your fingertips, giving you a level of insight and intelligence that you’ve never had before.

Our insight-led approach turns contract data into valuable intelligence, enhancing the due diligence process and giving you greater confidence when making business and strategic decisions.

​FDnA: your experts in financial analysis

​The Financial Decisions and Analysis (FDnA) team are experts in Finance, Deals and Analytics. We have a unique combination of core skills and deep expertise placing us at the intersection of commercial, financial and technical specialisms.

This specialist skillset allows us to focus on the key drivers of value creation to perform commercially accessible analysis in a tactical way, utilise advanced analytics to deliver pragmatic solutions at pace and deliver targeted solutions, created through a deals lens.

We deliver insight through analysis with a commercial edge to improve decision making that can be related to pre-deal preparation and equity story articulation, in-deal data driven due diligence or post-deal value creation and performance transparency.

We do this by utilising a wide range of advanced analytical tools and techniques to answer our clients’ difficult questions.

Trader surveillance: manage conduct risk with powerful, innovative communications monitoring solutions

The need for financial institutions to monitor and screen electronic communications for conduct risk is a fact of life in the digital age. Regulators expect to see robust and effective trader surveillance systems, and firms themselves need to be sure that their systems stay one step ahead.

Monitoring the thousands of daily communications – from phone calls to email, chatrooms and instant messaging platforms – demands powerful technology and analytics, but also a profound understanding of the financial services sector. We bring the insight and expertise you need, offering tactical and strategic solutions to support the sector’s growing surveillance requirements.

We combine innovative surveillance technology – which provides sophisticated, real-time monitoring – with unparalleled capital markets experience and forensic investigation expertise. The use of multiple data sources gives you a 360⁰ view of each trade and the confidence that your monitoring systems are accurate and cost-effective.

Sanctions compliance: meet your sanctions compliance obligations efficiently and effectively

Our aim is to make your sanctions compliance processes and systems efficient, accurate and effective. We’ve harnessed the full power of analytics and the latest technology to vastly improve the operational effectiveness of sanctions screening.

Major advances in analytics and screening technology bring a new level of accuracy and efficiency to time-consuming processes such as alert management, freeing valuable time and resources within the organisation to focus on value-added tasks.

Our teams bring you the knowledge and experience of former government regulators and industry leaders and can help you with every stage of sanctions compliance, from assessing risk to integrating sanctions compliance into business strategy and daily processes. We’re adept at large-scale sanctions investigations and remediations and can navigate the complexities of multi-jurisdictional sanctions regimes with ease. Our analytics-driven approach gives you the confidence to take on the world.


Deal analytics applications: client case studies

Contract digitisation

Our client needed to upload data from its existing contracts into its new contract management platform, quickly and accurately. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, we designed and automated the contract digitisation process, training the machine to recognise the client’s unique terms and provisions. The result was a digitised process that was 30 times faster than a manual review, at a fraction of the cost.

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Trader surveillance

A global investment bank needed to analyse millions of emails and chat messages to understand its potential exposure to allegations of market manipulation. We used purpose built technologies and sophisticated analytics to profile the interaction between certain traders and other market participants which enabled us to eliminate over 99% of the message volume, resulting in a much more targeted review of a small number of high risk messages and trades.

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Financial Decisions and Analysis

In order to maximise sale value, a global private equity house needed quantifiable evidence of the growth of its investment in an international manufacturing business. We used our experience and insight into the sector, combined with the most sophisticated analytical techniques, to provide the rigorous statistical analysis and proof that bidders were looking for.

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Creating value beyond the deal

Our M&A report with Mergermarket uncovers how the most successful dealmakers have made M&A pay at every stage of their deal lifecycle. We share detailed insights on what makes an effective value creation approach, as well as insight into how executives have been using data and analytics to realise hidden deal value.

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