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Board capability development

Helping your board be the best it can be

A strong and effective board is a critical requirement for a successful organisation, especially in these challenging times. We work with organisations across all sectors to prepare and support boards and senior executives, as individuals and as a high-performing team, to develop their skills and reach their full potential.

A successful organisation starts with a strong board

Boards and senior executive teams face a range of challenges in today’s fast-moving environment. If a board isn’t performing as well as it could, problems can soon develop throughout an organisation – strategy may not be implemented successfully, and performance at all levels could suffer. Given the wide range of challenges that modern boards face – from formulating an effective strategy for success to managing difficult stakeholder relationships – it’s essential that the team at the top is working as effectively as possible.

Few senior executives create the time to make sure that their own skills, and their performance as a team, are consistently maintained at the high standard required. We use our skills and experience to encourage leadership development and to enhance team performance at the top of your organisation.

How we work

Our multidisciplinary team has a strong track record of supporting boards, in the health sector and beyond, to become a high-performing team and drive forward organisational goals.

We will work in close partnership with you to develop a programme to strengthen leadership, and individual and collective capabilities, in the areas you need. Our approach is tailor-made to your organisation and requirements, and typically includes:

  • Diagnostics – we use a maturity matrix to identify areas of strength and where greater capability development is needed.
  • Whole board development – using a workshop-based approach, we develop the capabilities of the whole board around governance, contribution and leadership.
  • Executive team development – through workshops and other learning techniques, we help your executive team deliver on their individual and corporate objectives.
  • Individual development – we support individual members of the board or senior management team to improve their skills and increase their effectiveness.
  • Reflection and feedback – we work with you to agree a communication rhythm that works for you and allows for real-time feedback that informs updates to the programme.
  • Sustainability and ongoing development – as part of the legacy of our work we can develop a self-assessment framework that will allow the board to track its own development in the future.

“The quality and outcomes we have had individually and collectively through the coaching and adaptive workshops is better that I have experienced on any programme previously.”

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How can we help you to overcome these challenges?

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