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Forensic accounting

Supporting you through investigations

When your organisation is faced with a financial incident that might have legal or regulatory consequences – whether it’s an accounting misstatement, suspected fraud, financial crime or a potential breach of regulations – it’s essential that any investigation is independent, has an appropriate scope and is carried out by experts so that it meets the needs of and withstands challenge from relevant stakeholders, for example regulatory bodies. Our team of technology-enabled forensic accountants have the accounting and investigative expertise and audit knowledge, combined with a sharp analytical mindset to do just that.

Clarity in a complex world

Organisations are operating in an increasingly complex environment. Rapidly evolving technology has permeated every corner of business, from internal processes to the way in which companies interact with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. At the same time, the level of regulation has increased exponentially, with increasingly punitive consequences if businesses fail to comply.

The digital age has brought enormous opportunities but also considerable financial, regulatory and reputational risks. Financial crime and fraud is on the rise, and regulators expect high standards and robust compliance. When something goes wrong, getting to the root of the issue quickly and accurately is essential.

How we can help

Our forensic accounting teams combine the right people with the right technology to innovatively support you throughout the lifecycle of the incident. Together we work through the stakeholder pressures you face until we get to the heart of the issue and you emerge as a stronger and more resilient organisation.

To do this, we use innovative digital technology and tools to identify, collect and analyse vast amounts of electronic and hardcopy data. Forensic accountants work closely with the forensic technologists as they apply their experience and dig further into the data to uncover the facts. We provide you with the answers you need in a format which legal and regulatory bodies appreciate. If your case requires remediation, we bring expertise from across our firm and global network – calling on the expertise of over 3,500 dedicated forensic specialists in 69 countries – to help you recover losses and strengthen your processes and controls.

Case Study: Air Partner

We began working with the global aviation services group Air Partner after the company uncovered a significant accounting misstatement. The discovery sparked an immediate tumble in the company’s share price and a fall in stakeholder confidence – it was essential that we established as quickly as possible what had happened. In a short time we covered a lot of ground. Our team of forensic accountants, data analytics specialists and financial controls experts used in-house technology and cutting-edge financial investigation tools to mine a huge amount of data and get to the root of the issue. As a result of our work, Air Partner was able to reassure stakeholders that the error was contained and wouldn’t require cash payouts, allowing it to quickly rebuild confidence with its stakeholders.

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