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Fraud technology

Innovation leads the way

Technology is a critical weapon in the global fight against fraud. Innovative technology, machine learning and sophisticated data analytics give us the opportunity and capability to combat all kinds of fraud more effectively and efficiently.

Leading-edge technology underpins every stage of our work. Whatever your needs, we use the latest innovations to capture data in a forensic and detailed way, wherever it is sourced, and analyse it or hand it over to be investigated by others in a way that’s easy to navigate.

Clarity in a complex world

The digitally-enabled world has raised the stakes when it comes to fraud. Fraud has become more prevalent, and more complex to assess and detect. The good news is that technology is enormously valuable in preventing, detecting and investigating fraud – but our Global Economic Crime Survey shows that organisations are not yet using it to its full potential.

Modern organisations are complex, holding huge volumes of structured and unstructured data in a huge range of systems and databases. The ability to find and analyse relevant data quickly and accurately is essential at times of crisis, and in order to meet the demands of regulators and other stakeholders.

Case study

Leading the fightback with technology

A client asked us for help in investigating an allegation that some of its employees were receiving cash in hand for providing waste-disposal services that were not booked through its official system. In order to investigate if, when or where a fraud occurred, we would need to analyse data from a fleet of more than 100 vehicles across a four-year period.

We used the latest tools to analyse over 30 million lines of data, combining and overlaying multiple data sets such as GPS data, customer addresses, booking data and known points of interest. The results of this analysis allowed us to create an interactive online map and an automated process that identified and highlighted discrepancies that warranted further investigation. The investigation took four weeks to complete – compared with the 18 months it would have taken for a manual investigation.

How we can help

Our fraud technology capability gives you confidence that whatever the situation, you will be supported by the latest innovations in fraud detection, data discovery and risk management. Our technology specialists work closely with our experts across our forensics and investigations services to make sure that at every stage, you gain the advantages that cutting-edge technology and innovation can bring.

  • We work with global organisations to select and deploy top-of-the range fraud detection tools and algorithms. We have also created our own innovative tools for our clients’ use in conjunction with leading tech companies
  • We have extensive experience in scoping, extracting and analysing data from a wealth of systems and technology, including bespoke in-house systems
  • We use technical platforms to examine Big Data sources including GPS data, call records and web logs.

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Stuart McMeechan

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Craig McKeown

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