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GDPR contract analysis

Are your contracts GDPR compliant?

Making sure that all of your contracts are GDPR-compliant is one of the most challenging and time-consuming aspects of the new legislation. Huge volumes of contracts need to be reviewed, prioritised, checked and amended for compliance. Often this process is carried out manually by legal teams, and can be enormously time-consuming and expensive.

Our technology-enabled GDPR Contract Analysis capability gives you the confidence that your contracts comply with all regulatory, technological or financial requirements, on a mass scale. We use a combination of machine learning-based automation and human expertise, supporting you through every stage of the contract lifecycle in a cost-effective and efficient way.

A new risk to be managed

GDPR has introduced a new risk for organisations – that their existing contracts with customers or suppliers don’t meet the new legislation’s requirements. For organisations that process personal data, new and more expansive rules now apply to the content of written contracts between controllers and processors. But GDPR has a much wider reach – contracts covering the relationship between employer and employees, and between business and customer, contracts that address international data transfers, and those covering data sharing schemes must all fully reflect the requirements of GDPR.

One of the biggest challenges for many organisations is identifying where GDPR data is held, and which suppliers and third parties are dealing with personal data – among many thousands of contracts. If even one contract slips through the net, the organisation is put at risk.

How we can help

We use a combination of leading technologies and human expertise to provide a comprehensive service that covers the entire lifecycle of your contracts. Our teams are truly global, with on-the-ground expertise in all the major European economies and further afield, and bring together all the skills and experience you need under a single provider.

Our Forensics, Legal, Data Discovery and Intelligent Review experts will support you throughout the process of contractual analysis and remediation. We use machine learning-enabled tools and methodologies to automate categorisation and data extraction, allowing you to identify and address the high-risk contracts first, and will design a bespoke solution for managing and generating new contracts. The technology provides a suite of informative interactive dashboards, giving you clear sight of the details of your contracts and any issues or opportunities that arise.

Our work covers all stages of GDPR contract analysis and remediation and support you in a single area or throughout the end-to-end process:

  1. Discovery. Finding and identifying all contracts that need review, accurately and consistently.
  2. Drafting. Drafting new GDPR-compliant clauses.
  3. Analysis. Using the latest technology, comparing existing contracts with the GDPR-compliant clauses, leaving a full audit trail. 
  4. Updating. Preparing new versions of affected contracts, and addressing any gaps in data processing relationships.
  5. Business as usual. Establishing a new process for managing new and existing contracts.

Case study - AI contract solution

Our client required a fully managed solution for the review of its contractual estate pending the implementation of the GDPR. PwC Operate supplied the delivery team which reviewed and provided a gap analysis of c.800 documents. Working with other PwC Lines of Service, we deployed an AI-enabled solution to accelerate the review and analysis of the client's documentation. Our team of GDPR trained legal analysts extracted relevant data points and provided a breakdown of the client's third party risk under the GDPR. This allowed the client to have confidence in its understanding of risk under the new legislation, and to prioritise its remediation activities.

How can we help you to overcome these challenges?

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