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Governance review and advice

Good governance matters

While governance reviews are a regulatory requirement in health and social care, the importance of effective governance is increasingly understood across all industries. Governance and leadership drive effective decision-making – if an organisation is under stress and things start to go wrong, governance failures are often at the root of the problem.

We assess governance and leadership effectiveness in a wide range of organisations in both the public and private sector, helping you understand and identify areas for improvement, and making recommendations that will help you achieve your strategic goals.

Healthy governance drives a business forward

Organisations and their boards in every sector are facing significant operational and financial challenges. Strong and effective governance is absolutely critical if these challenges are to be navigated successfully.

Strong governance is not about control – when governance works well it drives strategic development, leadership and culture. An overly complex governance structure can drain time and resources, creating inefficiency and blocking effective problem-solving.

An independent assessment of governance provides comfort to boards and senior management that effective processes are in place to govern an organisation. We have extensive experience of providing mandated reviews in the healthcare sector, such as Well Led governance reviews and Capability and Capacity reviews, but we also work with clients in a wide range of sectors, when governance practices and capabilities need improving.

How we work

We believe that a governance review delivers the greatest value when a robust methodology is closely tailored to your needs. Our approach is developmental, collaborative and adaptable – we will discuss your aims and the context for the review at the outset, and adjust the scope accordingly.

Our multidisciplinary team has extensive experience of carrying out governance reviews across healthcare and other sectors, and has worked with many high-performing organisations. We routinely share examples of good practice, including benchmarking of risk management processes and the mix of capabilities on the board.

Our reviews look in detail at governance structures within the organisation (including data, policies and procedures), and at the culture, behaviours and strategy that enable governance on a daily basis. Typically, a review will include a thorough assessment that feeds into practical recommendations:

  • Document review: We will review a wide range of documentation, such as board and committee papers, terms of reference, and risk registers, to assess the strength of governance arrangements.
  • Surveys, focus groups and interviews: Surveys (with anonymised results) and interviews of board members and senior management provide important information and identify the potential areas of focus for a governance review.
  • Observations: By observing governance meetings at board and sub-committee level, we can assess the effectiveness of a governance structure against best practice seen elsewhere.
  • Contextualised assessment: We will assess governance arrangements including leadership, culture, behaviours and team working, in the context of your organisation and sector.

“The recommendations were thoughtful, took into consideration the ability of the organisation to enact them and would be effective.”

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