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Legal technology

Helping you optimise technology to create a leading legal team

Navigate the legal tech jungle wisely

Technology offers exciting potential to substantially improve the productivity, effectiveness and efficiency of legal teams. It’s clear that the most successful legal teams of the future will be far more tech-savvy than before. But the journey to a tech-enabled future can be a confusing one, clouded by the huge range and volume of solutions on the market.

The challenges for businesses are in identifying, investing and implementing technology that will produce the most effective results, without being left behind or paying for more than you need.

Whether it’s navigating the legal tech landscape, building a future-proof strategy or adopting a new solution, we can help. We understand business, but our teams also have the technical expertise to help configure technology as a managed service, partnership, or initial deployment.

How far can technology take us?

Technology is already transforming the work of legal teams and the design of legal departments but the full potential of emerging technology – artificial intelligence and machine learning, smart contracts and blockchain, legal analytics and chatbots – is still being explored. New and established solutions entering the market are game-changing for legal teams in a number of areas, including:

Legal Technology Trends

How can PwC help?

Identifying and implementing the best legal tech strategy for your business means much more than selecting the latest innovation. Technology isn’t a magical answer on its own – it’s only part of the solution.

We are careful to balance our tech expertise with human insight and business understanding. As well as being able to advise on the right solutions, we can help with technology deployment in a variety of ways:

Legal tech strategy

Evaluating existing internal technology in addition to navigating the legal technology market can be a lengthy process. We can help to objectively assess your requirements against the most suitable solutions and help you form a strategy that is scalable and future-proof. We can also configure your new technology and support your transition to business as usual.

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eDiscovery Managed solutions

Our offering brings together the expertise of a law firm with best in class technology and process excellence, providing you with an optimised service that acts as a seamless extension of your in-house team.

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Contract remediation & repapering

Can outsource contract remediation and repapering work to our team of experienced technologists.

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Case study: Simplifying regulatory compliance

A multinational bank needed to review their contracts to make sure they complied with recent changes in regulation. This meant reviewing more than 10,000 contracts, some of which were more than 200 pages in length, in a short timeframe. We used a combination of AI and machine learning techniques to automate digitisation and extraction of key terms and clauses from the contracts. This allowed the clauses to be automatically compared against the new regulations, flagging any that weren’t compliant. We then used our Contract Management Platform to automatically create new, compliant contracts. The process saved the client up to 70% in costs per contract and reduced the contract review and regeneration process from an average of three hours to just minutes.

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