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Misconduct and crisis response

We work beside you to help you prepare for, respond to and recover from misconduct and crisis. So you can confront it, withstand it, and recover.

A successful business relies on its reputation, and a good reputation can be lost with terrifying speed.

In a globalised world, business threats arrive without warning, from both outside and within. When a crisis strikes, you need to trust that you’re getting the right advice. You need to understand the facts quickly, and you need to face stakeholders with credible solutions.

A crisis will happen. It’s the response that matters

The speed, interconnectedness and sheer unpredictability of the modern world means that all CEOs and their organisations should be ready and prepared to deal with a crisis, no matter how confident they feel about their products, services, employees and standing in society.

How can PwC help you?

PwC Forensics exists to safeguard value by building trust and solving important problems. We thrive on dealing with the most complex problems. Our forensic approach and mindset allows us to create clarity and confidence from complexity and doubt.

We work with independence and discretion, investigating and analysing problems from different angles, refining our approach based on the information we unearth. Our efficiency with cutting-edge digital technologies allows us to identify, collect and investigate vast amounts of electronic and hardcopy data, together with human source intelligence.

Using advanced forensic technology encompassing communication and data analytics, in all our work, we analyse your information to provide you with the answers that you need, can easily understand and, if necessary, rely on in court. Should remediation be required, we bring expertise from across our firm and global network to assist in recovering losses and strengthening processes and controls.

With over 3,500 dedicated Forensic specialists in 69 countries, our global reach is combined with local knowledge and draws on the strength of PwC’s trusted network of professionals, when deep expert knowledge is required.

Our team of trained investigators includes forensic accountants, lawyers, former law enforcement agents, experts in forensic technology and global intelligence specialists, and we have provided support on many of the highest profile matters in recent years.

We help you to manage threats strategically to protect your reputation and value.

Case study: Putting bad news quickly in context

In 2018, the global aviation services group Air Partner discovered a significant accounting misstatement. The discovery sparked a crisis and an immediate tumble in the company’s share price. Our team of forensic accountants, data analytics specialists and financial controls experts used in-house technology and cutting-edge financial investigation tools to mine a huge amount of data in a short space of time, allowing us to identify relevant themes in the transactions. As a result Air Partner was able to resolve the issue, reassure stakeholders that the error was contained and would not require cash payouts, and quickly rebuilt confidence with its stakeholders.

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