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Personal data breach management

Our comprehensive response to personal data breaches

A sensitive data breach can hit any organisation, at any time. In the immediate aftermath organisations must contain the damage, deal with regulators and most importantly, understand how and why the breach happened so it can never happen again.

Data breaches are invariably complex and difficult to manage and investigate, requiring a wide range of very specific skills. We believe that a multidisciplinary approach to sensitive data breaches is essential, so our teams combine extensive legal, forensics and cyber skills and experience to help you respond, investigate and remediate. Providing all of these skills in a single, trusted team means we are uniquely placed to help you prepare for, or respond to, a sensitive data breach.

Managing the pressures of data availability and vulnerability

Whether it’s through a cyber or ransomware attack, email compromise or any other incident, sensitive data breaches are in danger of becoming a modern epidemic. More than 41,000 personal data breaches were officially reported between May 2018 and January 2019 – and regulators are escalating their response, handing out large fines to organisations that suffer personal data loss.

A personal data breach is disruptive and potentially hugely damaging, both financially and reputationally. Not just sensitive personal data is in danger – intellectual property, customer lists, pricing schedules, design documents and proposals are equally at risk, and the threat can come from inside or outside the organisation.

While the threat of a breach increases, organisations must also cope with customers and stakeholders who want instant access to their data across multiple platforms, systems and jurisdiction. Valuable data must be protected, but simultaneously available.

Personal data has become a priority for regulators and large fines are becoming the norm. GDPR has raised the bar considerably for personal data breach management, not least through the introduction of a statutory duty to report a breach to regulators. Notification requirement rules are complex and difficult to operationalise – both under- and over-notification is a recognised risk – and bringing a breach notification can lead to adverse scrutiny of your entire data protection framework.

How we can help

We are unique in offering our clients a dedicated team whose sole responsibility to work on personal data breach management and privacy issues. Our Sensitive Data Breach teams bring together the skills and experience of legal professionals, forensic investigators and cyber experts, under a single provider and using the latest technology, to help you respond to a breach, or manage the risks of suffering one.

Breach prevention

We help clients with all aspects of preventive security, including threat and vulnerability assessments, development of security strategies, and design and delivery of key security functions and mechanisms. As data is shared more widely between organisations and services it’s even more important that you understand what your obligations are to protect the rights and freedoms of the individual.

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GDPR Breach Notification

We can help you prepare your organisation for the new regime and understand your ability to deal with a personal data breach.

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Breach response

A breach can hit even the best-prepared organisation and your response in the ‘golden hours’ following a breach can make things significantly worse or better. We can help you identify the source, gather and preserve evidence, and articulate the situation to stakeholders.

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One of the most important elements of a breach is understanding how it happened. Our Forensic Investigations team are skilled in conducting complex investigations, using cutting-edge technology and intelligent review to assess how a data breach occurred and identify exactly what data was taken.

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How can we help you to overcome these challenges?

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