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Regulatory and governance review

Strong and effective governance is at the heart of a successful organisation

Maximising value in the organisation

Good governance is the foundation of a successful business. Healthy governance enables the effective decision-making that is the lifeblood of a modern, agile organisation.

Traditionally, governance has been seen as a bureaucratic framework or a series of controls. We take a different approach. We see governance as the conduit for an organisation’s strategic development, leadership and culture.

We work with senior leaders to implement and attest strong and effective governance arrangements. Our work has its roots in regulatory governance reviews for health and social care organisations, but we work increasingly closely with a wide range of private sector clients who understand the importance of effective governance in maximising value in their organisation.

Why governance matters

While governance reviews are a regulatory requirement in some sectors, notably health and social care, the importance of effective governance is increasingly understood across all industries. Irrespective of the sector, governance challenges are usually the heart of the issue when an organisation is in crisis or under stress.

The responsibility for making sure that governance arrangements are fit for purpose lies with the board. An independent assessment provides comfort that effective processes are in place, and that governance practices are as strong as they need to be.

We work particularly closely with regulators and senior leaders in the health and public sector, giving confidence to stakeholders of compliance and identifying opportunities for improvement.

How can PwC help?

We bring a breadth of experience and forensic approach to our governance reviews, which look in detail at governance structures within the organisation (including data, policies and procedures), and at the culture, behaviours and strategy that deliver governance on a daily basis.

Our governance reviews typically follow a four-stage process:

  1. We assess existing governance arrangements, including the strength of leadership and effectiveness of team-working.
  2. We observe a selection of governance meetings to better understand the effectiveness of the leadership team and decision-making.
  3. We interview board members and senior management, often in confidence.
  4. We review key documents to assess the strength of governance arrangements.

A review brings clear benefits:

  • More effective problem-solving and decision-making.
  • Reduced bureaucracy and more efficient meetings and processes.
  • Identification of challenging behaviours that may create a barrier to progression.
  • Encouraging leadership development and the creation of high-performing teams at the top.

“The PwC team rapidly identified the key governance issues via their methodology of observations and interviews. The PwC report provided real insight and meaningful recommendations to support us to develop and improve governance arrangements. The engagement truly added value to our organisation.”

John TaylorChief Financial Officer, the Met Office, 2018

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