Why IT Asset Management?

The risks and challenges in IT Asset Management (ITAM)

If your organisation has a considerable software spend you may be spending too much or under-utilising these assets. It is common to purchase more than is needed or that software is being used ineffectively throughout the organisation. We’ve worked with our clients to help them better manage IT costs and risks, improve IT process and have supported their strategic IT plans.

Typical ITAM initiatives look to:

  • Optimise software costs
  • Drive down software and infrastructure costs
  • Increase procurement efficiency
  • Improve compliance
  • Increase asset and intellectual property security
  • Reduce financial, contractual and reputation risk
  • Decrease support costs
  • Reduce resource requirements

How can we help you?

Our team of experienced and highly specialised ITAM experts help primarily in two ways:

  • We identify whether the organisation is potentially liable for deployed software that has not been paid for. We then work with the organisation to consider this against contracts terms and optimise in line with these contractual terms.
  • We identify savings in current and future spend by:
    • Assessing software usage
    • More effective license allocation and recycling of unused assets
    • Reducing software support costs on software that is surplus or not used
    • Assisting with technology selection to better manage IT and software assets on an on-going basis

We’ve found that first year savings run between 20-30% on software spend for organisations ranging from 200 to 200,000 employees.

Our key offerings include:

Managed services

Organisations often don’t have the budget, skills or resources to manage their IT assets and software licenses effectively. With a managed service, we use a combination of specialist resource and license management technology to facilitate an on-going cost effective managed service solution either on a subscription basis or as fixed call-off advisory services.

ROI assessment

Do you need to build a business case to invest in ITAM? ROI assessments are designed to help organisations understand the benefits of implementing an ITAM programme. We determine ROI using real data based on the outcomes of previous projects, resulting in a three year percentage saving against annual software spend.

Maturity workshops

Are you regularly getting audited by software vendors, or do you have process gaps in your organisation but need help identifying and remediating? IT maturity workshops help organisations understand performance relative to competitors and also to industry. We benchmark ITAM capability against best practice and determine your maturity in managing IT and software assets.

IT Cost management and reduction

Are you comfortable any hardware of infrastructure savings have not exposed you to software licensing risk? Or are you you always paying for new software and IT assets but feel you’re overspending? We can work with you to understand your business needs and help you to make the most cost effective decisions around optimising ITAM, often reducing your IT costs by up to 30% in the first year.

License reconciliation and optimisation

Do you purchase software licenses but are struggling to keep track of how and where they’re being used? Are you concerned about unbudgeted spend as a result of software audits? We’ll help you establish what software licenses you’ve purchased and installed and optimise what you actually need. We determine key areas of saving and help you realise those benefits on an on-going basis.

Technology selection

You may understand the benefits of ITAM but may not know which license management technology is the most appropriate for your needs. Based on our industry knowledge and best practice expertise, we help identify the right technology to support your organisation. We can assist with the tender process, including providing a SWOT analysis of different technologies. We also manage the procurement and implementation lifecycle and on-going technology management.

Process re-engineering

Leveraging our experience in ITAM best practice, we identify how to either implement or optimise processes in your organisation which will assist in the on-going effective management of your IT assets.

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