Employee experience

Design thinking that is citizen-led and employee-centric

It’s time to start thinking differently about your employees; the mindset, behaviours and composition of your workforce are changing.

Business demands and employees needs are evolving, making it crucial to create a culture centered around employee experiences, enabling you to design for those moments that truly matter to employees, removing barriers and driving adoption of new technology, processes or behaviours.

Experience-led transformation is the future. Designing experiences for your employees needs to be at the heart of transformation and ensures your employees will be more productive committed and engaged, driving your profits and ensuring a positive reputation in the market.

What is your strategy aiming to achieve?

In an increasingly disruptive and evolving world, having a competitive edge and planning for the workforce of the future is key. Have you implemented strategies to futureproof your firm?

Are you looking to implement large technology solutions such as Workday or SuccessFactors? Have you implemented technology that is underutilised or not used well?

Understanding employee motivators and moments that matter
provide valuable insights into the most effective ways of helping your workforce upskill and generate more meaning in their work. Are you trying to retain talent and address a skills gap?

In a world where gig workers and remote working is increasing, connectivity and integration is imperative to remain efficient and productive. Are you unifying operations and standardising processes?

If employees feel valued, and their wants and needs are addressed, this will drive adoption of new solutions and initiatives. Are you actively investing in initiatives to enhance the employee experience within your organisation?

What results can you expect to achieve?

  • Increased productivity by implementing the right tools and ensuring employees are happier at work.
  • Greater growth through a boost in work performance and greater employee motivation.
  • Improved employee retention by designing the best experience to motivate and engage the workforce.
  • Reduced skills gap by introducing effective upskilling schemes that cater to all employees and anticipate the skills needed in the future.
  • Better collaboration by unifying systems and streamlining processes

… and more

“The experience-led experimental approach allows us to be agile. We can bring the right stakeholders to the table at the right times, ensuring we make swift decisions, adapt in the moment, and get fast results with a minimum investment.”

Courtney BrownDirector at GSK


PwC’s Employee Experience Platform is a data-driven design accelerator that can:

  • Gather data on personas, moments that matter and barriers during the employee lifecycle to help organisations understand their people's wants and needs
  • Help organisations deliver a more transparent and integrated design that prioritises moments that matter
  • Assist leadership when making investment decisions, identifying the most impactful programmes with the highest ROI
  • Ensure leadership understands which employee groups will be most affected by changes
  • Streamline transformations and increase cost effectiveness
  • Create greater buy-in and adoption by delivering an integrated experience where the employee voice is heard


Choosing the right transformation approach can be challenging and uncertain.

However, through close collaboration with our experienced EX team, we will bring valuable insight, advice and prioritised strategies with a higher likelihood of success and ROI.

Our team have had experience working in a multitude of different sectors to solve client problems and add value.

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