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Saratoga Getting to Impact

Future skills, hybrid working, automation, employee experience and flexible working are no longer trends on the horizon, they are real challenges which need to be addressed today. People issues are now the forefront of CEO and Board agendas.

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The C-suite and strategic HR functions are increasingly turning to data driven insights to help them understand how their organisation is performing, and which people areas they should prioritise.

Start with Impact

In order to make the shift required, data-driven insights about the workforce are essential. But knowing what to measure and what the results mean has never been more difficult and confusing. In the noise of analytical tools, techniques and technology, we have identified four impact areas to understand the workforce.

Saratoga impact

Organisation Impact

  • Shape and Size: what is the hierarchical shape of the organisation?
  • Build vs Buy: what is the proportion of external hires to internal promotions?
  • Talent Ecosystem: What is the use of independent contractors and supervised workers?

Financial Impact

  • Productivity: What is the return on investment for each dollar/pound spent on employees?
  • Cost Out Transformation: What is the spend in each function and where are the opportunities for efficiencies?

Social Impact

  • Gender diversity: What is the gender diversity profile across the entire workforce at each level?
  • Broader diversity;What are the priority areas for diversity, and what is the organisation doing to create lasting change?
  • ESG practices and incentives: Is executive performance measured against ESG criteria?

Lifecycle Impact

  • Moments that matter: What are the organisation's relative strengths and weaknesses, and are they consistent with the stated EVP?
  • Reward: does the organisation reward employees through learning, progression and pay?
  • Support: Does the organisation support the health and wellbeing of employees?
  • Engagement: Does the value proposition translate into engaged employees?

Introducing a new format for Saratoga benchmarks

Saratoga Impact is a free-for-participants benchmarking offering. Provide your data aligned to the 4 areas of impact (Organisation Impact; Human Capital Impact; Social Impact; and Employee Impact) and in return receive a benchmarking report comparing your results to our global benchmarks as well as an industry peer group.

Investment grade data

Participating organisations can rely on the PwC guarantee of data quality based on our rigorous definitions, data collection guide and quality assurance process. In addition, participating organisations benefit from over 40 years of experience on what and how to measure the things that matter most.

How Saratoga Impact works

Upon registration we will send you a data submission kit which includes a data collection form for you to complete. We collect aggregate data only, in a simple to complete format. We do not collect employee level data.

Our data collection form is broken into the four impact modules: Organisation, Financial, Social and Lifecycle. You can pick and choose any combination of the modules to submit data. Therefore, if you want to start with one module only, you can. Each module has a combination of quantitative data points and qualitative questions.

In return you will receive access to an online dashboard for the modules you select, showing your data versus a Saratoga benchmarking peer. Access to this dashboard is free, providing you submit your data.

Saratoga Impact dashboard
Saratoga Impact dashboard

What support will I receive?

Upon registration we will send you a data submission kit which will include a data capture form, a comprehensive data dictionary, technical FAQs and access to our helpdesk for any technical questions you may have.

We also have a technical team available to support you with any technical or legal questions you may have regarding the use and storage of your data. Please note that we do not require individual employee level data to be submitted and we never publish benchmarks where specific organisational results can be identified by third parties.

Register to receive the data collection pack

We will send you the data collection form, data definition guide and data security protocol

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