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PwC and Darwinbox

PwC and Darwinbox

An ever-changing business landscape, driven by the rapid advancements in technology, presents us with exciting opportunities to find new solutions. Through PwC's collaboration with Darwinbox, medium and large enterprises can now take an agile approach to HR transformation to ensure they remain resilient to tomorrow’s challenges and fuel growth.

Flexible. Scalable. Ever evolving with you.

PwC’s integrated HR Managed Services offering - also powered by Darwinbox’s Next-Gen Technology.

Unlock the freedom to focus on strategic priorities with PwC’s HR Managed Services offering. We deliver sustained outcomes through our managed solutions: transforming and running complex operational processes that often create challenges or hinder client progress; and driving efficiency and productivity through automation and continuous process improvement.

We bring together Darwinbox’s innovative technology capability with PwC’s HR Advisory services and deep operational delivery expertise to deliver:

  1. End-to-end tech-enabled employee lifecycle transactional and query support
  2. Specialist operational management and governance of the HR Technology solution

Making HR accessible on the go:

  • 100% self-service on mobile
  • Accessible MS Teams
  • Built for AI workflows in Workforce and Skills
  • 90% adoption success rates
  • #1 Customers' Choice in 2023 Gartner® Peer Insights™ (4.7/5)

How can we help

  • Pivot from “doing things fast” to “doing things well” with AI to support employees and drive overall business growth
  • Streamline processes by automating repetitive, manual tasks including payroll and benefits admin to save time and costs
  • Seamlessly integrate with your applications with 3,000+ Darwinbox Studio connectors to secure data transfer and monitor integrations in real time
  • Guarantee high adoption with digital integrations with MS Teams: 90% of customers enjoy active use thanks to intuitive UX

  • Elevate workforce potential to drive business excellence with automation and AI-powered talent management
  • Optimise talent management with real-time data and analytics tools to align employee skills and roles with business goals
  • Customise workflows and automate critical processes with necessary checks to reduce the mental load of standard operating procedures
  • Tailor modules with a flexible, customised approach to cater to your organisation’s unique needs, adding and removing them as requirements change

  • Enjoy decision support with understanding of your enterprise’s context, with insights to directly impact your strategic planning and execution
  • Make data-driven decisions with Power-BI enabled advanced analytics and custom reporting features with insights on productivity, costs and trends
  • Track performance with tools for goal setting, continuous feedback and performance reviews creating a culture of continuous improvement
  • Manage compliance to ensure you are mitigating risk and remaining compliant with labour laws to avoid fines

  • Empower employees to interact with enterprise technology with workflows integrated with AI to anticipate needs, personalise interactions and achieve more than ever before
  • Increase engagement with employee self-service portals, feedback mechanism, personalised training and bespoke upskilling plans
  • Collect real-time, continuous data to facilitate real-time analysis to make faster, better decisions
  • Boost accessibility with mobile compatibility to empower employee convenience and independence

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Workforce Intelligence Partner, PwC United Kingdom

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Director, Workforce Technology Specialist, PwC United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)7483 434392

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