Risk Data & Analytics

Delivering Data strategy, data management, data engineering, analytics and reporting to help you drive growth, operate more efficiently and better manage risk.

The solution to many of your biggest challenges is already inside your organisation. But it’s hidden from view, hard to access and difficult to decipher. Your data is like a needle in a haystack. Or several needles. Uncovering its value requires behaviour change, transformation and a combination of skills, from strategy to data management to data engineering.

Create value from your data with Risk Data & Analytics

Risk Data & Analytics can help you make your biggest decisions, understand which products are performing and help you get to know your customer - why and when they choose you. It can help you undergo digital transformation and shift workloads to the cloud.

Combining world class and emerging technology with our understanding of business and industry, we help organisations gather insights, make better decisions and optimise how they continually collect and use data – across multiple industries and use cases.

How we can help

Setting the direction

We’ll help you understand the business case, define the value you want to get from Risk Analytics, shape the strategy and assemble the team, tools and data management processes.

Making it happen

Whether you’re going through a finance transformation or customer-led transformation, we can help you with consultancy and technical implementation across your estate, from customer segmentation in marketing to cybersecurity.

Trust services

You might have had a data breach. Or you may have data quality issues that need resolving. Through data governance, data management and data engineering, we’ll help you mitigate risk, improve and monitor.

Running the function

Using our Enterprise Managed Services (EMS) approach, we can host, manage and deliver Risk Data & Analytics for your team or organisation.

Our services

Insight & Management Information

Using our Rapid Insight Solutions, visualisations and integrated reporting dashboards, we can deliver agile, scalable and highly interactive reporting and analytics that help you run your business more effectively.

We’ll also help you develop common metrics that drive collaboration and consistent data management across regions, business units and partners.

Customer & Mobility Analytics

We’ll help you and your tenants develop a deeper understanding of your clients’ customers and preferences. This can help inform strategies to drive customer acquisition, growth and retention. It can also support you with mall, tenant and lease optimisation.

Customer Segmentation is another way for this data to provide insights. Our machine learning analytical model can demonstrate categories of customers that exist in your data, how they change over time and how this will affect your business.

Data Strategy

An effective data strategy will help enable and accelerate your wider business strategy. It will be aligned to your technology investments and span the breadth of business growth, operational efficiency and regulatory requirements.

We support our clients in setting out their data strategy in a number of ways, from co-creating the strategy to periodic reviews of progress in implementation. Working with your leadership team, we’ll set out the what, how and when of strategic change.

Data Migration

Migrating legacy data into a new target system is a significant challenge for any organisation. It requires considerable investment and careful data governance and data management to reduce risk. We help our clients to identify the most appropriate migration strategy and rollout plan for their business – ensuring that time, cost and risk are minimised.

We combine experience and expertise in designing and delivering the data architecture, data engineering, data flows and technical components needed for a successful migration. Our methodology is tried and tested, helping you adhere to best practice and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Data Engineering & Architecture

Cloud transformation is about your business, not just technology. We tailor your cloud transformation to help achieve your business goals. It’s not only about moving your applications from on-prem to the cloud, but gathering a real understanding of how you can re-architect your data and business to drive real cloud transformation.

Our combined expertise in business, technology, risk and controls helps power insights into how the cloud can transform your business. We build analytics capabilities on top of data platforms that tie into your business strategy, providing insight into key performance indicators for your organisation.

Master Data Management

Master data is an important commodity used to drive business decisions and growth, as well as managing customer relationships efficiently. But first, you must establish the accuracy and trustworthiness of your master data. This is key to enabling critical driving insight generation and better business decisions.

We have 100+ master data management (MDM) specialists with an experience of delivering MDM projects across multiple industry sectors. Using our expertise and digital solutions, we can help you to architect and implement an MDM solution for your master data.

Your solution can be supported by our own cloud-based Customer Profile Manager accelerator, or provide an assessment of your current MDM architecture, advising on where it can be improved.

Data Governance

While your data carries exciting opportunities, it also carries risk relating to keeping this information protected, of high quality and compliant with regulations. Getting this right is both an operational and cultural challenge, and requires an understanding of your data and how it flows through the business.

We’ll help you with every aspect of data governance and data management – from data discovery to setting vision and strategy, from designing operating models to implementing changes to people, processes and technology.

Data Privacy & Ethics

In a highly regulated and complex environment, organisations need to be focused on the data they have, manage and protect it appropriately, recognise the value it brings, and then be able to generate real benefit from it.

This data management must all be done safely, without breaching the trust of your customers, users and employees. Our strong, multi-disciplinary team can help.

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