Improved decision making

The financial sector is increasingly accepting the reality of how sustainability mega trends are having widespread impact across a range of sectors, geographies and companies. For financial institutions looking to support the transition to a low-carbon economy, now is the time to integrate enhanced policy frameworks, processes and structures into everyday decision making. Doing so will improve your ability to manage risk, understand the sustainability realities of clients' businesses, and become a partner of choice in financing the future.

The issues

Climate change, water scarcity, population growth and resource constraints are all combining to create the perfect sustainability storm. Banks are faced with a range of emerging issues, some of which may prove to be systemic, and which will certainly alter the financial landscape of the future in ways that are potentially more significant than the recent financial crisis.

How we can support you

PwC helps clients develop innovative strategies and policies, engineered to fit each unique organisation. To move from strategy to tangible results, PwC offers capacity building for executives and staff, and customised decision and management tools.

Our services include:

  • Strategy and Policy Development - scenario development, benchmarking, industry risk briefings, risk mapping and analyses, product development.
  • Capacity Building - basic awareness raising, Equator Principles and IFC Performance Standards workshops, issue and sector specific workshops, executive briefings, client engagement approaches, e-learning solutions.
  • Implementation Solutions -risk management tools, the Sustainable Finance Toolkit and other web-based solutions, portfolio management approaches, client diagnostics, internal procedures development and implementation.
  • Transaction Support - environmental and social due diligence on project financings, equity and debt capital markets issues, corporate financings, and carbon markets transactions.

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