Corporate Security: Meeting today’s challenges responsibly

In our 21st CEO Survey each region reports a different mix of threats as the most concerning, but one general global observation is that CEOs across the world are increasingly anxious about broader societal threats such as geopolitical uncertainty, terrorism, and climate change, rather than direct business risks, such as changing consumer behaviour or new market entrants. The threats that trouble CEOs are increasingly existential.

We understand these security threats and the challenges they introduce in the current environment

There is an expectation amongst your stakeholders, shareholders and the general public, that you are operating safely and securely in this dynamic environment.

  • Do you employ a mobile workforce?
  • Do you operate in multiple legal jurisdictions?
  • Do you design, manufacture or distribute product?
  • Are you part of the UK Critical National Infrastructure?

We have demonstrable experience helping organisations to meet their duty of care responsibilities, protecting what’s most important to you.

Our team bring a depth and breadth of strategic consulting and operational security experience which is unique in this space.


Leadership Accountability

Security is not just about having locks on the doors and guards on the gates. A responsible approach to security considers the organisation and its stakeholders, and what's important to them. It is a commitment by the business to do the right thing. To deliver a responsible business strategy with a data driven, risk based, approach to security.

Whether you’re focused on people, assets or supply chain, do you and your organisation know:

  • What you are doing to protect your people and your assets?
  • Why your organisation has chosen to implement these security controls?
  • How effectively these security controls are protecting what’s important to you?
  • How you are communicating the effectiveness of your security approach and the business value it derives?

Corporate Security Health Check

Our Corporate Security Health-check provides organisations with an initial view of the effectiveness of their security. It is designed to:

  • Help security risk owners identify potential shortfalls or excesses in their security activities
  • Enable non-security professionals to understand the value of corporate security activities

There is an expectation that you have adapted to operate safely and securely in this new environment. Ensuring the security of international secondees and businesstravellers has seldom been more important, and no matter where, when or how your people conduct their business, their safety and security must be an ongoing priority.

Travel Security Risk Diagnostic 

Our Travel Security Risk Diagnostic provides organisations with a framework for reviewing their security risk management capability. It is designed to:

  • Help travel programme owners understand exposures and vulnerabilities in their travel security risk management processes
  • Enable business leaders to appreciate the importance and extent of travel security risk management coverage they have

This will allow you to understand the risk exposure faced by your mobile workforce, and provide the appropriate tools and resources to manage it responsibly.

This should be an integral part of your Global Mobility programme in order that you:

  • Know where your travellers are at any given time
  • Ensure a consistent risk based approach that means the right decisions are made by the right people
  • Can provide appropriate training to your people before they travel
  • Are confident your providers understand your expectations, and deliver accordingly
  • Have suitable contingency plans to deal with rapidly evolving security situations


Contact us to explore the scope of our services further. Schedule your Corporate Security Health-Check or Travel Risk Diagnostic to benefit from face-to-face time with one of our specialists followed by a structured breakdown of the health of your security function.


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