Managing personal wealth and taxation

Whatever financial goals you’re aiming for, our Private Client tax team can help you. We are proud to work with a wide range of clients - from start-up entrepreneurs to large wealthy families with complex affairs to top executives working for some of the country's largest businesses.

We can help you:

  • deal with the complexity of the interaction between personal and company taxes;
  • manage all aspects that a private business owner has to face from business transactions, structuring private wealth or implementing a philanthropic strategy;
  • navigate your global tax profile as well as providing more traditional private client services, such as compliance, asset ownership and governance;
  • set up a family office;
  • manage your wealth efficiently in the face of increased legal and regulatory change;
  • comply and plan around employment reward and equity, retirement, estate planning, property ownership, family trusts and philanthropy;
  • understanding the complex interaction between the tax regimes in different jurisdictions; and
  • achieve your personal and business ambitions whilst understanding and managing the tax costs and reporting obligations.

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