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Growing your legacy

Family businesses are known for their entrepreneurial spirit, a commitment to the community and a focus on long-term strategic thinking that is all deeply rooted in their family’s values. This is their legacy. As family businesses move into future generations - whether that is transitioning from one generation to the next, for the first time or for the fifth time - business-owning families have unique challenges. Growing their legacy becomes a continuous balance of making decisions for what is best for the family and what is best for their business.

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A personalised and holistic approach, just for you.

We get that your decisions aren’t always just about business. They’re personal. That’s why we help you manage ownership and growth at every stage, and especially during these times of change and uncertainty. Our unique framework considers your needs as both an owner and a business leader. We call our framework the “Owner’s Agenda.” Take a look at how we think about financial and strategic considerations holistically, from governance to succession planning to technology.

Managing ownership and growth

Family businesses face unique challenges and also have unique strengths. At PwC we’re passionate about helping families devise the right strategy to carry the business throughout generations and manage dynamics both at corporate and family levels.  

We work with families, of all shapes and sizes, across the UK - from first generation to sixth and beyond - to help solve a wide range of issues as they manage both the ownership and growth of the family business.

Our team of dedicated family business specialists have a deep understanding of the challenges and considerations that drive both your business and your family, which comes from years of experience working alongside owners and family members and hearing what matters to them.


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