Crisis leadership

Building a crisis capability to respond and thrive in adversity

Responding to a crisis in a way that represents the purpose, vision and values of your organisation isn’t easy. But failing to get this response right can be far more damaging than the crisis itself. Handling a crisis successfully can only come from effective crisis leadership.

Tackling any crisis in a pro-active and meaningful way challenges many organisations. But the consequences of getting it wrong are proving more severe with every instance.

A major event, one that truly threatens an organisation, forces leadership to step in and respond. Without the right thinking beforehand it is incredibly difficult and to build a successful response in the midst of the crisis.

The leadership team relies on supporting structures, teams and plans which enable their response. This means that any crisis efforts need to be more than just compliance driven; they need to be focused on organisational capability and provide leadership teams with confidence in that capability. Our experience has given us a unique insight into what behaviours and environments best support leaders during crisis.

The challenge of trying to plan for true crises

It’s far too easy to plan for incidents and emergencies that occur on a relatively frequent basis; server failures, denial of access to premises or supply chain failures. But these events don’t threaten the survival of the organisation.

Unfortunately planning for these more minor events can hide the fact that when true crises hit, the leadership is simply not prepared or integrated with the rest of the business.

However, with good tactical or operational plans as a foundation it only takes a few more steps to build a crisis leadership capability. The mechanics of a response can now be challenged to move beyond scenarios and skills to build strategic thinking, leadership and behaviours that reflect the values of the organisation into any response.

So why is all this important?

Organisations who have pre-agreed what they want to be known for during a crisis, do better following a crisis. They can better represent their values in their decisions and ensure a joined up response from the boardroom to the shop-floor.

Crisis planning and building

Design and build the right structures, teams and channels to reflect leadership decision making in a crisis.

Live crisis support

Help from our experts during any crisis. Facilitation and technical skills to enable your own response; freeing you to work through the big issues.

Training, briefing and crisis leadership mentoring

Ensuring that leadership teams represent the mix of skills and behaviours needed for effective crisis leadership.

Emergency and incident management

Creating the tactical and operational environment that supports crisis leadership.

Crisis exercising and rehearsals

Bringing crises to life for organisations to practice response and decision-making against major challenges in realistic ways.

Capability reviews and assurance

Assess the current capability and confidence of the organisation and the team. Find the gaps before any crisis.

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